The California WIC App

The California WIC App is an easy way to check your food benefits and shop for your WIC approved foods. It works with your WIC Card. You can:

  • View WIC appointments
  • View your WIC food balance
  • Check when food benefits expire
  • Scan foods while shopping
  • Find WIC approved stores

Use the California WIC App and the WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide to make sure you purchase the right foods on your food balance.

Person holding phone looking at the California WIC App

Download the App

Once you get your WIC Card from your WIC office, download the California WIC App for iPhone or Android phones.

Setup the California WIC App for iPhones

Follow the steps in the California WIC App Set-up Guide for iPhone.

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Setup the California WIC App for Android Phones

Follow the steps in the California WIC App Set-up Guide for Android phone users.

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Having Trouble with the App?

If you are having trouble with the WIC App, there are different ways to get help. Pick the topic you need assistance with.

  1. Click "Forgot Password"
  2. Enter your Email Address, WIC Card Number, Cardholder Birth Date, and Zip Code
  3. Select the purple "Forgot Password" button.

Call the California WIC Customer Service line at 1-800-852-5770. You can also email


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