Buy More Fruits and Vegetables with WIC this Summer!

Starting June 1st, WIC is applying $35 to food benefits for the purchase of more fruits and vegetables! This increase will give you the purchasing power to buy more of the healthy WIC foods you enjoy.

Use your fruit and vegetable benefits at any WIC authorized grocery store or farmers’ market accepting the WIC Card. 

The temporary increase to $35 for fruits and vegetables will last for 4 months, from June 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021.

WIC Card leaning on fruit

Who can get the $35 increase?

Each WIC participant, 12 months and older, is eligible for the increase to $35 for fruits and vegetables.

When will it happen?

The $35 will be applied to your fruit and vegetable benefits starting June 1, 2021.

How long does it last?

The $35 will be offered for four months (June, July, August, and September).

Check Your Food Balance on the California WIC App

Person holding phone looking at the California WIC App

When your $35 fruit and vegetable benefits are issued, you can use the California WIC App to check your food balance. The app is also a great way to:

  • Check when your fruit and vegetable benefits expire.
  • See what food items you can purchase with your benefits.
  • Find WIC approved stores and markets.

Download the app by visiting the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

Have Questions?

We know you might have questions about this new update. Select a question below to get more information.

If you are a WIC participant who is 12 months and older, you do not have to do anything to receive this $35 to your benefits.

No, you do not. Your issued $35 fruit and vegetable benefits are good for 30 days. For example, fruit and vegetable benefits issued on September 27 can still be used through October 26. Your food balance will show the date your benefits expire.

You will see $35 added to your fruit and vegetable benefits on June 1, 2021.

Even if you are issued your fruit and vegetable benefits after June 1st, you will see $35 added to your fruit and vegetable food balance.

As California continues to slowly recover from the coronavirus public health crisis, WIC will be returning to our regularly offered fruit and vegetable options starting June 1, 2021. The COVID-19 expanded food list options will no longer be available.

WIC offers canned, frozen, or fresh fruit and vegetable options. Look at your WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide to view approved food options (page 27 - 29 for fruits and vegetables). You can also use the food scanner in the California WIC App to check approved foods.

Families can find approved WIC stores and farmers accepting the WIC Card in the California WIC App or on the website.

Visit the for more information.


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