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Quadstate Joint Powers Authority will next meet September 27, 2019 (By Conference Call)

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Who We Are

The Quadstate Local Governments Authority is a Joint Exercise of Powers Authority established between eight counties, and one city in four Western states.

The Authority's Board of Directors, which meets quarterly, is comprised of elected officials representing each of the members.

The Authority was organized to provide a multi-county voice on federal natural resource management and public lands issues primarily in the Mojave Desert region. The Authority advances its policy priorities through legislative and regulatory advocacy and analysis, input regarding land use plans and decisions, and legal action.

The Authority is interested in resource management and balanced multiple use of public lands and public land resources. The Authority also represents the appropriate integrated consideration of private land values by the Federal and State agencies. The Authority seeks implementation of rational resource management strategies that provide for balancing the needs of natural resources with the interests and needs of residents and constituents. It also recognizes and advocates the interests of local government as a partner in providing services and infrastructure to the region. It fully supports science-based resource management and conservation. The Authority supports constructive dialogue among the Federal and State land and wildlife management agencies to ensure sensitivity to regulatory impacts upon local government.

In addition to the basic representation of the Authority on regional issues, the Authority’s staff also represents the three counties bordering the Lower Colorado River, under the Authority’s name, on the Steering Committee for implementing the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Plan.

Counties within the Mojave and Sonoran Desert regions are encouraged to contact the Authority about membership or cooperation.

Cities within the Mojave and Sonoran Desert regions are encouraged to contact the Authority regarding Associate membership.

Tortoise habitat on the Utah-Nevada border
Tortoise habitat on the Utah - Nevada border.

County infrastructure within tortoise habitat
County infrastructure within tortoise habitat. Road maintenance activity is necessary to serve citzens, and with current training and awareness programs assures protection of species.

Old windmills
Old windmills continue to serve wildlife water needs in the arid Mojave climatic zone, even after the livestock have been removed.