Lake Gregory Dam Data

Construction Date:
Constructed in 1936-1938

Structural Height:
97 ft (to lowest point of foundation)

Dam Slopes:
2.5:1 Upstream - 2:1 Downstream
Fed by Houston Creek drainage
(approx. 2.8 sq. mi. watershed)

Dam Elevations:
-Top of Dam: 4537'
-Spillway Crest: 4524' (Sept. to April)
-Top of Flashboards: 4520' (April to Sept.)

Outlet Works:Two 12 in. gate valves (one is plumbed)
Max Discharge = 15.5 cfs

Water Storage Capacity:
At Spillway = 2,100 acre ft.
Lake size at Spillway Level = 99 surface acres

At Flashboards = 2,340 acre ft.
Lake size at Spillway Level = 94 surface acres

About Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory is an artificial lake and recreation area nestled in community of Crestline of the San Bernardino Mountains.

The area originally known as Houston Flat, was developed by a Redlands citrus grower named Arthur Gregory, who bought and developed the land with the intention of creating a small resort community from the waters of Houston Creek that previously drained into the tributaries of the Mojave River. Mr. Gregory was also instrumental in creating the Crest Forest County Water District, which in turn, proved to be the entity that would foster the development of the area.

Today, the Lake Gregory Regional Park provides numerous recreation opportunities, such as swimming, waterslides, and fishing, in addition to a walking trail that encircles the lake. The regional park is also often the site of major holiday celebrations, such as the Crestline Independence Day celebration.