General Plan

The Countywide Plan

The County of San Bernardino has launched an exciting new effort to go further than any county or city has ever gone with a general plan before by creating the Web-Based Countywide Plan. San Bernardino County’s General Plan, last updated in 2007, will go well beyond a traditional general plan to become a comprehensive Countywide Plan that complements and informs the Countywide Vision by taking into account all services—not just land-use planning—provided by County Government, and the unique values and priorities of each unincorporated community. It will serve as a guide for County decision-making, financial planning, and communications.

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The General Plan text was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on March 13, 2007. It became effective on April 12, 2007.  The General Plan is the fundamental policy document for the unincorporated, privately-owned lands of San Bernardino County.  The General Plan:

  • Contains goals, policies, & implementing actions for various issues, including natural & man-made hazards & resources.
  • Sets the framework for decision-making regarding the County's long-term development and utilization of resources.
  • Provides the data and analyses to support that decision-making framework.
  • Provides the rules by which land can be developed (what, where and under what conditions).
  • Provides a consensus vision of what the citizens and Board of Supervisors want for the County's future.
  • Establishes the operating rules for achieving that vision.

Housing Element

View the Adopted 5th Cycle 2013-2021 Housing Element of the General Plan.

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