Community Plans

Draft  Community Action Guides Now Available for Review!

In 2016, the County of San Bernardino began the update of the 6 existing Community Plans and the preparation of an additional 19 new plans for a total of 35 Community Action Guides incorporating over 80 unincorporated communities.  Most of the existing community Plans were approved in 2007, with Oak Hills in 2014.  The First community workshops began in February 2016 with additional workshops through January of 2017.  Over 1,700 people participated in the 66 workshops to provide the County with information regarding community values, aspirations, and changes they wanted to make in their communities. The draft Community Action Guides are available for public review and comment.

To review the Draft guides visit the following link.

The Community Action Guides will replace the Community Plans with the adoption of the Countywide Plan by the Board of Supervisors in Fall of 2019.

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