Short Term Rentals

Short-Term private home rental permits are required for private homes, located in the mountain and desert area, that are rented for periods of thirty days or less. Permits are required to ensure specific standards are met. Some of the requirements include:

  • Limitation of occupants and vehicles.
  • The owner/manager must provide a 24 hour phone number for complaint resolution.
  • Compliance with relevant Fire, Building, Zoning and Health and Safety Codes.

County Code: Short Term Rental Ordinance 84.28

Short Term Rental General Information

Short Term Rental Requirements

Short Term Rental Owner Certification Checklist - Interior

Short Term Rental Owner Acknowledgement

Short Term Rental Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Form

Short Term Rental Transfer Request

Mountain and Desert Region Short Term Residential Rental 24/7 Complaint Line: 888-399-8591

General Customer Service: 909-884-4056


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