Flyer_SBC Rental Relief Partnership Program

Housing Element 

The County recently began the process to update its Housing Element and is inviting you to join our mailing list and receive direct notifications on public hearings, availability of draft documents and more.  If you would like to receive notifications regarding the Housing Element, go here to subscribe.

Development Code Update

Now that the Countywide Plan has been adopted we have turned our attention towards implementation starting with updating the Development Code. As you may already know, an implementation plan was adopted along with the Countywide Plan.  A major feature of the Development Code is a new zoning map which will ensure zones are consistent with recently adopted land use designations.  Additional changes to the text are also being made so the code is easier to understand and use.  If you would like to receive direct notifications, availability of draft documents and other updates and opportunities for participation regarding the Development Code Update, go here to subscribe. 

Countywide Plan 

After five years of analysis and public engagement, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Countywide Plan—a new set of plans and tools that go well beyond a traditional general plan for its unincorporated communities, which complements and informs the Countywide Vision for all. Check out the Countywide Plan at

Joshua trees are now protected by the State of California as a candidate for listing as an endangered species. At this time, the County cannot issue a permit to take (by removal or transplanting) any Joshua tree.

Due to the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the effective dates of plans utilizing the 2016 editions of the California Building Codes were extended from July 1, 2020 to October 1, 2020.  Applications that do not have a permit issued by October 1, 2020 will be considered expired, and applicants will be required to update corresponding plans based on the 2019 California Building Codes.  The same application number can be utilized, but additional fees may be required.

Schedule an  Inspection Online using the EZOP portal.

Follow the instructions below, or watch this short video here.

To schedule Online Inspections 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week please visit:

ENTER Permit Number in Search box on top right, click search and press enter

LOG INTO your EZOP account with username and password and CLICK My Records then CLICK on permit number.

CLICK Record Info dropdown arrow

CLICK Inspections

CLICK Schedule or Request an Inspection

SELECT inspections date from available inspections


CLICK Continue

CLICK Bubble to enter the contact name and phone number for the inspection

(DO NOT click “Select an existing contact”)

Click Continue

VERIFY all inspection information is correct

CLICK “REQUIRED: click here to provide an inspection description before you click “FINISH”

CLICK Finish

The inspector will call the contact person at the phone number listed on this inspection request the morning of the inspection to provide a 2 hour time frame of arrival.

*Please keep in mind that a set of plans must be made available to the inspector.