Applicant Information

Information about the County employment process, testing, interviewing, and hiring. Topics are presented in alphabetical order.

As a service for job applicants you may call (909) 387-5611 at any time to listen to recorded information about our current job openings. For application or further information please contact us using our Contact page.

ADA Accommodation

Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations in the testing process should submit the Special Testing Accommodations Request Form within one week of a recruitment filing deadline.

Background and Reference Checks

Prior to appointment, candidates must complete and pass pre-employment background and reference checks. Note: some departments and/or positions require more extensive background and reference checks than those listed below. Candidates shall be subject to the following checks, unless otherwise prohibited by law:

  • Criminal Courts Check
  • Fingerprinting through the Department of Justice
  • Driver History (if driving a vehicle or operating County equipment is required)
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Education Verification (if required for the position)
  • License or Certification Verification (if required for the position)
Positions responsible for or required to perform fiscal transactions, and positions with fiscal and/or budgetary responsibilities, shall be subject to the following additional checks of their credit history:
  • Bankruptcies and Notices of Default
  • Civil Court Judgments
  • County, State, Federal Tax Liens
  • Credit Check

Change of Information


It is essential that you notify Human Resources of changes to your contact information. If you already have an online account, you may update your information online for future applications you submit. This will not change the information on applications previously submitted. If you need to update your information on an application already submitted, please complete a Change of Information Request.

Criminal Conviction History

Candidates who are given a conditional job offer will be required to participate in a background investigation process, which includes providing criminal conviction history information. Convictions are evaluated for each position and are not necessarily disqualifying. 

Direct Deposit

New employees must make arrangements for the direct deposit of paychecks into the financial institution of their choice, via electronic fund transfer.

Dress Code

All employees must present a professional appearance in order to promote a positive image to customers consistent with the County’s Standards of Dress and Grooming Policy.

Eligible Lists

A list of qualified candidates is established in rank order of scores obtained during the examination process. Candidates’ names will remain on the eligible list for a period of at least six (6) months unless there is a significant change in the examination process.

EEO/ADA Employer

The County of San Bernardino is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant employer, committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants.  To review the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) Sexual Harassment Brochure and the  County Policy for Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation visit the EEO website.

Examination Process

The examination process includes the following steps:

  1. Submitting a completed County application
  2. Meeting minimum job requirements
  3. Achieving a competitive score on one or more of the following:
    • A written examination of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities
    • An oral examination
    • A performance examination (i.e., typing, equipment operation, agility/physical fitness)
    • An evaluation of application materials for measurement of education, experience and training

How to Apply Video

This video walks you through the steps it takes to apply for a job with San Bernardino County.

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Immigration Law

Prior to employment, applicants are required to provide necessary documentation to verify proof of legal residence entitling them to work in the United States, as required by the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986.

Interview and Selection

Referrals to hiring departments are made with priority given to candidates with the highest scores. Factors such as location, shift, and special skills may be requested by a department. The top candidates meeting the desired criteria will be referred. If a department is interested in interviewing a referred candidate, they will contact the candidate directly by phone or letter. The hiring department will interview at least three (3) candidates prior to making a selection.

Job Application Process

View our list of current employment opportunities. Once you find a position of interest, click on the "Apply" option located to the right of the job title. You will then create an account and be able to submit your application using the step-by-step process. Applications must be filled out completely, and must clearly demonstrate that the minimum qualification requirements are met. A separate application must be submitted for each position.


The completed application will be the sole criterion used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Information demonstrating that you meet all of the minimum qualifications, as stated in the job posting, must appear on the application to ensure consideration. Attachments required such as licenses, certificates, and transcripts must be attached if required (review minimum qualifications and instructions carefully). Résumés may accompany the application as supplemental information only, but are typically not considered or reviewed unless specifically requested on the job announcement. Completing your application with statement such as "see/refer to résumé" or "see attached" rather than completing your work history may affect your eligibility or competitive evaluation score. No additional information or modifications to the information provided on your application will be accepted after the filing deadline unless specifically requested by Human Resources.

All information is subject to investigation and verification. Applications must be received no later than the deadline time and date advertised. Applications postmarked on the filing deadline and received after the deadline time and date will not be considered timely. Faxed applications are not accepted. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to immediately notify the Employment Division, in writing, of any change in the applicant's address, email, and/or telephone contact numbers.

Medical Standards


All employment offers are contingent upon fulfillment of established medical standards for the position. A post-offer, pre-employment physical examination, including drug and alcohol testing, is required. Some positions require a psychological evaluation. Failure to meet all medical standards may result in withdrawal of appointment or termination.

Probationary Period

County employees must satisfactorily complete an established probationary period. Upon promotion, employees must complete a new probationary period.

Re-apply Period

There is a six (6) month waiting period to re-apply for the same job (title and level).


Some positions require travel throughout the County. Employees selected for such positions may be required to provide their own transportation and proof of insurance. Vehicle operators must maintain a valid driver's license.

Veterans' Preference

Eligible veterans, and their spouse, or widow(er) who are not current County employees may be awarded additional Veterans' Preference points. To claim Veterans' Preference, you must indicate your request on the application. Unless already on file with Human Resources, all documentation must be submitted by the recruitment filing deadline. For additional information, please refer to the Veterans' Preference Policy.

Veterans' preference points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Veteran - Five (5) points: Copy of DD214 or V.A. letter required
  • Disabled veteran - Ten (10) points: Copy of DD214 and evidence of disability (i.e., V.A. letter indicating percentage of disability) required
  • Spouse of a disabled veteran - Five (5) points: Copy of spouse's DD214 and evidence of disability (i.e., V.A. letter indicating percentage of disability) required
  • Widow(er) of a veteran - Five (5) points: Copy of DD1300 required