Training & Education

The Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE) recognizes education and training for County employees as its first goal and priority. To meet this goal, the OCE provides a variety of training opportunities and resources for County employees, elected officials, and members of boards and commissions.

AB 1234 Ethics Training for Elected Officials, Boards and Commissions

On October 7, 2005, the Governor signed Assembly Bill No. 1234 requiring local agencies to provide ethics training to elected officials and members of Boards and Commissions every two years. There are numerous training options, including training conducted by County Counsel or an approved on-line training program offered through the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on a cost-free basis. Access the training. At the end of the training, a certification of completion must be printed.


New Employee Orientation

All new County employees attend New Employee Orientation training presented by the OCE.  The compliance and ethics training is a proactive approach to deterring misconduct and mitigating risks associated with unethical conduct. During this training, ethical standards and values relative to government employment and personal arenas are discussed. Employees gain an understanding of the value the County places on reputation preservation, public trust and personal accountability. Employees are given an opportunity to personalize ethical predicaments and contemplate the consequences of their choices through work-related examples.

Countywide Ethics Training

An online ethics course is available through the Performance, Education & Learning Center (PERC). The Code of Ethics is our collective commitment to public service as well as to the highest of ethical standards. It reflects our values and helps us make the right decisions – with honesty, openness, fairness, and integrity. Through a series of scenarios, content presentations, and activities, employees learn about ethical responsibilities which apply in everyday work life. It explains the resources available to seek help, guidance, or advice on ethical issues and reminds us of our obligation to speak up when we see something we know or think is wrong.

Informal Presentations by Request

The OCE offers consultation and ethics education to departments by providing sessions tailored to the needs of the agency employees. These sessions focus on ethics-related issues specific to, or identified by, the particular group. 

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