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Most employees cite fear of an emergency as the number one reason for not ridesharing. Sometimes the unexpected happens: you are in an accident while riding in a vanpool, or the van breaks down. How will you get home? If there should be a natural disaster like an earthquake, what are some important things that you and every motorist should have in your vehicles? Commuter Services understands your concerns and we have provided some valuable information to help ease your mind. You can also view our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program page for information on other types of emergencies.

Accident or Vandalism

In the event of an accident or vandalism, the Primary Driver is required to:

  1. Immediately notify the local law enforcement agency.
  2. For accidents, quickly attempt to obtain names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident and note vehicle registration numbers of potential witnesses. If you are not injured, proceed to work, home or other non-accident location. Once you have arrived, notify Enterprise at 310-436-2375 and give the location of the vehicle and the extent of the damage (if applicable).
  3. Only give information or sign papers required by law, such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, and personal identification. Do not sign any other papers for anyone except those persons representing Enterprise.
  4. If repairs are necessary, and if the vehicle can be driven safely, take it to the nearest service center approved by Enterprise.


In the event of a breakdown, the following is required:

  1. Park the vehicle in a non-hazardous location.
  2. Promptly notify Enterprise and have the following vehicle information ready:
    • Name of the Primary Driver
    • Unit number or license plate number
    • Number of riders/passengers
    • Location of breakdown/vehicle
    • Your destination
  3. If the vehicle is safe to drive, take it directly to the nearest service center approved by Enterprise.
  4. If a vehicle cannot be immediately repaired, a loaner vehicle shall be provided until the vehicle can be repaired, at which time the loaner vehicle shall be surrendered.

Emergency Contact Information

 Commuter Services

Elizabeth Martinez - 909.387.9639

Kelly Brown - 909.387.9640

E-mail - hrcommuterservices@sbcounty.gov

Fax - 909.387.5566

Employee Benefits Front Desk - 909.387.5787

   Vanpool Emergency Services

   (310) 436-2375

   See the Procedures Reference Guide located in the glove compartment


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