Construction Waste Management Plans

For building permit applications submitted July 31, 2017 and thereafter, submit a CDWMP Part 1 online* at:
  1. Login with the same credentials used to submit building application and plans.
  2. Click “Public Works” in the banner near the top of the web browser.
  3. Click “Create an Application;” check the box for the disclaimer and click “Continue Application.”
  4. Enter “w” under the “Select a Record Type” search feature; select the CWMP – Part 1 option and click “Continue Application.” 
  5. Fill out the applicant and project information. At the bottom of each page applicants will have an opportunity to “Save and resume later” or “Continue Application.” Enter an estimate of the amount of total waste generated per material type, and the amount reused, recycled, or disposed. Identification of the facility is required. CALGreen 2016 requires diversion of 65% of waste project materials from disposal.
  6. Payment via credit card or bank routing information will be allowed after filling out the application.

*  Web browser must be up to date: Internet Explorer 11 and above, Google Chrome 42 and above, Firefox 3.7 and above.

For assistance with an online application please call (800) 722-8004. You may also email 

For building permit applications submitted prior to July 31, 2017, please call the above # for instructions on how to submit your CWMP part 1. 

After your project is complete, you may submit the CWMP part 2 form and all backup documentation by email to or at the following locations:

   County of San Bernardino
Solid Waste Management Division
   222 West Hospitality Lane, 2nd Floor
   San Bernardino, CA 92415

   County of San Bernardino
   High Desert Government Center
   15900 Smoketree Street, Suite 131
   Hesperia, CA 92345

**  If you need a copy of your original CWMP in order to complete the part 2 please email to and include your permit number and information in the email or call us at (800) 722-8004.

Fees for submitting forms - starting 01/01/2017



  Residential dwellings of 1 unit including newly constructed attached and detached garages $ 150.00
  Residential additions and alterations in which the livable space increases in size $ 150.00
  Residential structures of 2 or more units, tract homes of up to 8 homes on a single form $ 790.00
  Commercial, industrial, multi-family and solar projects including additions and alterations $ 790.00

Per the 2016 CALGreen code, 65% of construction and demolition (C&D) materials must be diverted away from the landfill by either recycling or reusing materials.

The purpose of the CWMP Part 1 is to estimate the tonnage to be disposed and diverted during construction and also to plan where the materials will end up before the project is even started. The CWMP Part 2 shows the actual tonnage amount of the waste materials generated from the project through receipts from recycling facilities, landfills, or a reuse certification.

More about CALGreen 2016

Commercial additions greater than 1,000 square feet, and alteration projects valued greater than $200,000 are required to submit a Universal Waste Disposal Verification Form along with the CDWMP form. Please be advised that San Bernardino County owned and operated sanitary landfills are not permitted to accept asbestos contaminated wastes. Any debris generated by the demolition of structures is subject to asbestos clearance prior to disposal at any San Bernardino County owned and operated sanitary landfills. As the applicant, you are required to have a Certified Asbestos Consultant perform testing of all materials you wish to dispose. Upon receipt of the Consultant’s report indicating that your debris is not contaminated, SWMD’s Operations Section can provide you with a disposal authorization. For more information on Certified Asbestos Consultants, please go to, or for information on County requirements please contact Solid Waste Operations at (800) 722-8004 or