Transportation Permits

Permits Operation Support Division, Transportation Permit Section, is responsible for issuing permits for work within the County road right-of-way. All work within the County road right-of-way requires a permit from the Department of Public Works. If you are unsure as to which type of permit you need, please call us at (909) 387-1863. For Oversized Moving Permit please call (909) 387-8046.

  • EXCAVATION PERMITS allows excavation within the County Maintained Road System.  Example: utility connections. 
  • ENCROACHMENT PERMITS allows encroachment onto County Maintained Road rights-of-way.  Examples: power poles, block walls, or carports.
  • TRACT/CONSTRUCTION PERMITS allows construction within an existing County Maintained Road or construction of new roads being proposed to be maintained by the County. 
  • SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS are required for temporary uses of County Maintained Road right-of-way.  Examples: community events or filming.
  • TREE PERMITS are free, but are required for cutting, replacing or removing trees within County Maintained Road right-of-way.
  • ROAD CLOSURE permits are required for closing a County Maintained Road for any length of time.

The following forms are available for download:

EZOP - Easy Online Permit System

The following permit types are now only available through EZOP, the County's new online permit system.

Moving permits - oversized loads

Encroachment permits - driveways, poles, above ground facilities, etc.

Construction permits - tracts, road improvements, etc.

Tree/Sidewalk Maintenance permit- tree removal, tree trimming, etc.

Neighborhood Watch permit- Sign-Post Installation

Adopt-A-Road Permit- Adopt-A-Road Program.

And please note you will need the following document for the construction and encroachment permits.

Best Management Practice Acknowledgement *New* Required for permit submittals - Every Applicant must select the appropriate BMPs as described within the instructions (see sheet 3 of the form) and upload all six pages of this document.

Please note you will need the following document for Moving Permits. 

Moving indemnity