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2014-2015 Annual Report


The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board (WDB) is a policy-making entity empowered by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 to educate and train local workers and support business. The WDB is comprised of a majority of private business owners alongside of leaders from various education, labor, public service, and community based organizations. The focus of this board is to ensure that the residents of San Bernardino County have the skills, training, and education to achieve their career goals, and that local employers are able to hire, develop, and retain skilled workers. The main functions of the board include:

  • Administration and oversight of local WIOA funding for adults, dislocated workers, and youth
  • Support programs that build employable skills of the County workforce
  • Create a strategic plan aligned with the Governor's and California Workforce Development Board's objectives
  • Align WIOA services with the Countywide vision of creating a vibrant economy with a skilled workforce
  • Operate the three America's Job Centers of California located within the County
  • Identify and understand the workforce investment needs of local businesses and job seekers
  • Commission independent research studies to identify top industry demand sectors

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