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Gregg Wielenga, Captain



15840 Smoketree Street
Hesperia, California 92345

(760) 947-1500

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The City of Hesperia has contracted with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department for its police services since 1988. Throughout much of the decade, Hesperia has seen a rapid rise in commercial development and significant growth population. Because of this, the police department has been presented with some significant enforcement challenges. The City is committed to meeting these challenges, and has gradually increased the staffing and resources available to the department throughout the years.

As a result, even though calls for service have risen 8.4% since 2006, the city has experienced an overall reduction in the per-capita crime rate in each of the last two calendar years, and has seen a reduction in traffic collisions of all types by 44%.

The Hesperia Police Department is comprised of 57 sworn law enforcement personnel, including a captain, a lieutenant, eight sergeants, five detectives, and 47 deputy sheriffs. There are also 19 non-sworn employees that handle various administrative, clerical, and technical duties.

Law enforcement activities within the City of Hesperia include marked-unit patrol, traffic enforcement, gang enforcement, graffiti/vandalism investigation and abatement, and advanced investigations.

In addition to these “routine” assignments, deputies are also organized into teams that are responsible for managing enhanced, problem-oriented-policing activities within specific geographic sectors of the City. These deputies network with a variety of law enforcement partners such as City Code Enforcement, Parole, Probation, and Welfare Fraud officers, and citizens to identify community problems, the causal factors behind the problems, and then attack them from a variety of angles and approaches.

The City of Hesperia is very fortunate to have an active group of police department volunteers. These folks participate in Citizens on Patrol, Equestrian Patrol, Explorer Post, and Uniformed Reserve activities. In 2008, 79 Hesperia Police volunteers donated over 31,000 hours to the City of Hesperia: the equivalent of 15 full-time employment positions. The Department could not run as efficiently and effectively as it does without the generous participation of our volunteer personnel.

Although the Hesperia Police Station remains one of the busiest commands within the Sheriff’s Department, its members are committed to providing the best, most professional law enforcement services available to the community.

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