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San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Press Release

DATE/TIME:  June 5, 2014 


INCIDENT:    PC 288.2 – Contact with Minor for Sexual Purposes


LOCATION:   City of Highland


SUSPECT:    Billy Allen McCullough, 52, Fontana, CA


During the past month, Detectives from the Highland Sheriff’s Station were using social media as part of an un-related investigation. During that investigation, they posed as a 15 year old female juvenile on a social media web site.


McCullough contacted the juvenile decoy on the social media website, and solicited a sexual relationship. McCullough asked the age of the female juvenile, and he was informed that the juvenile was 15 years old. McCullough then sent a nude picture of his genitals to the person whom he thought was a 15 year old female juvenile. As the conversation continued, a decoy officer contacted McCullough and acted like a 15 year old juvenile. That conversation continued with McCullough asking the juvenile to meet with him, so they could have sex.


On June 5, 2014, a pre-designated location in Whittier was discussed between McCullough and the decoy officer, where McCullough agreed to pick up the juvenile in his diesel truck, and allow the juvenile to run away with him for several days.


Detectives then drove to the location, where McCullough arrived and attempted to meet with the juvenile; where he was detained by officers. At the time of his arrest, he was also found to be in possession of a “loaded” hypodermic syringe, a glass meth pipe, and a bag of methamphetamine.


Anyone with information about this investigation, or other inappropriate contact by McCullough, should contact the Highland Detective Division at (909)425-9793.


McCullough was arrested and booked into Central Detention Center in San Bernardino; where he is being held in lieu of $1,000,000.00 bail.


Refer:             Detective Donald Patton


Station:          Highland Station


Phone No:     (909) 425-9793  Ext. 246   


Case No:       131402261

John McMahon, Sheriff-Coroner

San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department

Sheriff’s Public Affairs Division

655 E. Third Street

San Bernardino, California 92415-0061

Telephone: (909) 387-3700

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