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San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Press Release

INCIDENT:    Sheriff’s Exceptional Service Awards Ceremony


LOCATION:   Victoria Gardens Cultural Center

                       12505 Cultural Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga


DATE/TIME:  Thursday, April 17, 2014     6:00 p.m.


On Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Sheriff John McMahon presented 35 awards for Meritorious Service and numerous acts of Valor.  Sheriff’s employees from across the county were awarded for their dedication and selfless acts on behalf of the citizens of San Bernardino County. 




The Sheriff’s Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to employees or citizens who distinguish themselves by service above and beyond the normal demands of the law enforcement profession.


On December 9th, 2013, a residential home destroyed a home in the city of Hesperia, displacing two adults and 10 children.  Their home was declared a total loss, with damages exceeding $225,000.  Deputy Jeff Woulfe and Dispatcher Crystal Deaton were moved to immediately formulate a plan to assist in the family’s recovery.  Woulfe and Deaton rallied with community based organizations throughout the High Desert and partnered with local media to spread the word.  Their tenacity resulted in a 20 foot U-Haul truck filled with Christmas gifts, clothing, appliances and much more on Christmas Eve.        


Jeff Woulfe, Deputy

Crystal Deaton, Dispatcher


Deputies Ryan Girard and Mike Mason identified the need for a Bloodhound K-9 Program.  A program was subsequently developed, and two Bloodhounds were purchased for tracking suspects and/ or missing subjects.  Within six months time of the program’s commissioning, the Bloodhounds successfully recorded 11 “finds”.  They have helped track criminals as well as critically missing persons.    


Ryan Girard, Deputy

Mike Mason, Deputy


February Big Bear Incident


Paul Franklin, Deputy




The Sheriff’s Medal of Valor is awarded to employees or citizens who distinguish themselves by bravery and/or heroism above and beyond the normal demands of the law enforcement profession.



On Saturday March 16th, 2013, at approximately 5:00am, Chino Hills sheriff’s deputies initiated a pursuit of a vehicle that had recently evaded law enforcement units form a neighboring jurisdiction.  The driver of the vehicle was recently released from federal custody, was a high ranking gang member with a violent criminal history.  Information was received that the suspect was armed and threat to the public and would shoot law enforcement.  After a 24 minute pursuit, the suspect collided into another vehicle and fled on foot.  The suspect then took possession of a semi-truck then crashed into a parked trailer.  The suspect was ultimately shot after brandishing a weapon at deputies. 


Stacy Ray Tarver, Deputy

Alejandro Barrero, Deputy

Maria MacEwan, Deputy

Greg Charles, Deputy

Garth Goodell, Sergeant


On the morning of July 16, 2013, Deputy Scott Keskes was ambushed and shot by a Miguel Alvarez’s for no apparent reason, other than Alvarez’s desire to shoot a law enforcement officer.  While seating in his patrol car, Keskes saw Alvarez pull alongside in his vehicle with a shotgun pointed directly at him.  In a quick reaction to save his own life, Keskes quickly leaned into the passenger seat of his vehicle.  Alvarez fired, striking Keskes with several pellets throughout his upper body and face. 


Deputy Mark Terwilliger was positioned nearby in a patrol vehicle and saw the incident occur.  Terwilliger reacted without regard for his own safety by exiting his vehicle and immediately engaging the suspect with his service pistol.  Alvarez immediately sped away and was unable to continue his attack.  


Scott Kecskes, Deputy

Mark Terwilliger, Deputy



On March 29, 2012, Deputies from the Yucaipa and Central Patrol Stations responded to the area of Del Rosa and Highland Avenues to make contact with an armed and dangerous suspect wanted for a recent rape investigation.  As deputies approached, the suspect fled armed with a semi-automatic handgun.  As responding deputies arrived, the suspect raised his weapon to fire at them.  An exchange of gunfire ensued and Deputy Danny Rice was shot by the suspect.  The suspect was eventually shot by deputies and succumbed to his injuries at the scene.


Michael O’Brien, Sergeant

Danny Rice, Deputy

Paul Casas, Deputy

Michael Salazar, Deputy


On May 9, 220013, at 11:41 am, deputies from the Morongo Basin Station responded to the scene of a shooting in the Town Center Mall in the City of Yucca Valley.  According to witnesses, the suspect had left a man dead after attempting a carjacking.  The California Highway Patrol identified the vehicle as a silver Chevrolet Impala travelling on Highway 62, occupied by two suspects.  The suspect fled from officers and a 59 mile pursuit ensued.  Deputy Chris Coillet joined the CHP in the pursuit into the City of San Bernardino.  The suspect crashed his vehicle near the intersection of Hospitality and E. Carnegie Drive.  Both suspects exited the vehicle and were armed with handguns.  As CHP officers approached the scene of the crash, the one of the suspects (Valle) began firing in their direction.  One CHP officer was shot upon exiting his vehicle and Valle continued to advance.  Deputy Coillot acted immediately.  Upon arrival, Coillot saw an officer had been shot and that Valle was continuing to advance on them.  Coillot exited his patrol vehicle and fired his duty weapon at Valle, who was fatally shot.         


Chris Coillot, Deputy


February Big Bear Incident:


Daniel Futscher, Sergeant

Randy Gerwig, Corporal

Dr. Michael Guirguis, Reserve Deputy

Bradford Adkins, Citizen Volunteer

Shane Donnelly, Citizen Volunteer

Jeremiah MacKay, Detective (Posthumously)

Alex Collins, Detective

Chad Johnson, Detective

Michael Siegfried, Detective

Jeremy King, Detective

John Charbonneau, Sergeant

Shane Hollands, Deputy


On the evening of July 10, 2012, Sheriff’s Sergeant Albert Anolin was off duty and at his residence.  As he and his family were sleeping, Anolin was awakened by masked suspects.  One suspect pointing a semi-automatic rifle at Anolin and demanded he open the safe.  Anolin remained calm as not to aggravate the suspects.  Anolin led the suspects away from his family, to a location where he was able to access his duty weapon.  Anolin retrieved his duty weapon and immediately shot the suspect armed with the rifle.  The remaining suspects fled the location, where the Sheriff’s helicopter observed the suspect who had been shot, entering into a vehicle.  Ground units were able to make an arrest on the suspect who had been shot and eventually arrest three others who were involved.


Albert Anolin, Sergeant




The Frank Bland Medal of Valor is the highest award for valor and is limited to safety officers or on-duty reserve officers employed by the county.  This may be awarded to officers who distinguish themselves by conspicuous bravery or heroism above and beyond the normal the normal demands of the law enforcement profession.  To be awarded the Frank Bland Medal of Valor, an officer shall have performed an act displaying extreme courage while conspicuously facing imminent peril. 

On October 25, 2012, Sergeant John Walker was off duty when he observed a California Highway Patrol Officer being stabbed by a male suspect.  Unarmed, Sergeant Walker immediately ran to the officer’s aid and stepped between the suspect and the officer.  Walker retrieved the officer’s expandable baton, and the suspect attempted to stab Walker.  Sergeant Walker disarmed the suspect by striking him with the baton, and then used O.C. pepper spray which proved ineffective.  The suspect retrieved the knife and continued attempting to stab Walker.  A responding CHP unit arrived and was able to subdue the suspect with less lethal projectile round.    


John Walker, Sergeant



On June 15, 2013 at about 2:00am, Deputy Art Ramirez was dispatched to an apartment fire in the 14000 block of Rodeo Drive, in the City of Victorville.  The apartment was located on the second floor the building and neighbors said the tenants were trapped inside.  Ramirez quickly assessed the fire was too advanced to wait for the Fire Department, took a deep breath and entered the smoke filled apartment.  Ramirez located a mother who was holding a five month old infant, and an 11 year old girl who was clutching to a toddler.  Ramirez moved the four to safety, when he was told of another child who was trapped in a bedroom.  Ramirez then saw the child’s two tiny hands on the glass of the bedroom.  He then re-entered the apartment and located the child, prior to the entire apartment being consumed by flames. 


Arturo Ramirez, Deputy


February Big Bear Incident

Larry Lopez, Detective

Daniel Rosa, Deputy

Justin Musella, Detective











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