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Rancho's New Bloodhound K9 Unit


The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Rancho Cucamonga introduced their new Bloodhound K9 Unit to the community on Thursday, October 17, 2013.  The unit, which includes two bloodhounds and two deputies, will assist law enforcement in locating missing children, adults, objects, and suspects who flee.  Bloodhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs that hunt by scent and we are proud to have them in our county.  Along with the efficiencies a dog can provide, the Bloodhound, in particular, is an adorable sight and they draw the attention and affection of most people.


Following a year of research, Deputies Ryan Girard and Mike Mason brought forward a proposal to purchase
and deploy 2-Bloodhounds trained in the task of trailing the scent of missing or outstanding persons.

Their proposal was welcomed by the Sheriff's Department's Command Staff and the City. 
The decision to make the purchase and go forward was an easy one, and soon after hearing the idea, permission was granted and the City of Rancho Cucamonga funded the purchase.


After weeks of “boot camp” type training in South Carolina, we welcome home our beautiful bloodhounds, Dare and Deja.  The dogs are sisters, coming from the same litter 2-years ago.  The girls started their
training at 8-weeks of age and were so successful the trainer, Jeff Schettler, of Georgia K9’s used them as his demonstration dogs to showcase his training program.  Jeff calls the girls “Ferrari’s” of the trailing world. 


In the event that a vulnerable person or suspect in a crime is missing, the work required by human peace officers is daunting and sometimes overwhelming.  People can be difficult to find in our very urban environment and can deplete resources very quickly.  A dog, on the other hand, has olfactory senses far beyond the senses of a human and can therefore locate a targeted scent very quickly. Dare and Deja can currently track any human scent over the course of several miles, even when the trail is several hours old
and over hard terrain such as cement and asphalt.   Dare and Deja will also be outfitted with video and GPS tracking devices.


Adel Sayegh, Owner and CEO of Universal Surveillance Systems in Rancho Cucamonga, researched state-of-the-art remote video and GPS tracking devices, purchased these items, designed and created a vest for the dog’s to wear which can hold the equipment in place.  The system will not only create a video image of
the entire tracking event, it will create and maintain a log of the GPS coordinates throughout the search.  If needed, the records can be used as evidence in court.  Mr. Sayegh donated his time and the equipment in an effort to give back to this community in which he lives and works. 


Dare and Deja are true athletes who will live with Deputies Mason and Girard as part of their families.

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