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Volunteer Forces

Al Daniel, Lt.

199 N. Hangar Way
an Bernardino, CA


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The Volunteer Forces Unit of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is very proud of its volunteers! Approximately 1,725 current volunteers donate their time and skills to better their communities through the Department’s volunteer programs. Since 1987, department volunteers have donated over 13,690,000 hours of high quality service to the citizens of San Bernardino County.

The volunteers find that their time spent can be personally rewarding as we offer a wide variety of positions in nearly every community within the largest county in the United States.

We offer four main volunteer programs as well as many specialized positions throughout the Department. Check out our programs listed below! You may find that we have a volunteer program in your community suited for your time and talents!


Volunteer Forces Mission Statement

It is our mission to unite, organize, and train our volunteers to support and enhance the mission, values, and traditions of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Become A Volunteer

Click on form below to become a Volunteer. Take the completed application to your local station or save it, then email it to the email address on the application.


To contact us with questions, please email or call the Volunteer Forces office at     909-252-4100

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