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Specialized Investigations

Specialized Investigations

Leland Boldt, Captain


655 East Third Street
San Bernardino, California 92415

(909) 387-3589


This is a support division that serves all of the Sheriff’s stations and divisions within the geographical jurisdiction of the department.

The division, currently under the command of Captain Leland Boldt, is responsible for investigating a variety of major crimes, including but not limited to; homicide, suspicious deaths, in-custody deaths, officer-involved shooting incidents where injury occurs, crimes against children, a Hi-Tech unit for cases involving computers and technological devices and a polygraph detail.

In addition to the more conventional investigations, and as a result of the specialized training and experience acquired by investigators assigned to the division, sensitive specialized investigations for other law enforcement agencies and/or County departments are also conducted. Essentially, the services of the division are available to any law enforcement agency in the County with the approval of the Office of the Sheriff.

Development and application of new technological resources in the fight against crime has been an ongoing challenge. New, state-of-the-art computer software and hardware is being applied on a regular basis to keep on the cutting edge of information resources. Investigators routinely use computer technology to generate computer crime scene diagrams for court display, to track ongoing cases with current database programs, and to obtain information and resources to assist in locating and identifying potential suspects and witnesses.

In mid-2011, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Specialized Investigations Division was awarded grant funds by a local Law and Justice Group, consisting of the District Attorney’s Office, County Probation, the Public Defender’s Office, the Courts, the Sheriff’s Dept. and police agencies within the county, to purchase the state-of-the-art Leica ScanStation C10 3D laser scanning system, as seen on the A&E television show, Crime 360. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is one of the only Southern California Law Enforcement Agencies using the Leica ScanStation C10. The Leica ScanStation is a versatile and very accurate 3D laser scanning system that 3-dimensionally photographs and measures a scene to scale, exactly the way in which the first responder encountered it.


The Homicide Detail is responsible for investigating all homicides, unexplained deaths, deaths of a suspicious nature and in-custody deaths that occur in the department’s primary jurisdiction. Similar investigations are done in those contract city areas served by the department, as well as other police agency jurisdictions within the county, when approved by the Office of the Sheriff. The Homicide Detail also investigates all officer-involved shootings where a deputy or other person has been injured as the result of gunfire in those areas mentioned above. Other shooting investigations, where no injury is incurred, will also be investigated by the unit if requested by the officer’s commander, deputy chief, or Office of the Sheriff.

Every year many investigations are brought to a successful conclusion with the assistance of the Sheriff’s Narcotics Division Crime Impact Teams and members of the newly formed Sheriff’s Gang Suppression Teams. These teams are critical in helping locate and arrest violent criminal suspects.

The detail is made up of 4 sergeants, 17 detectives, with 2 of those detectives assigned specifically to working cold cases. The Cold Case Team currently has two Deputy District Attorney’s assigned for the sole purpose of prosecuting difficult cold cases. The Cold Case Team is partially funded through a Federal grant specifically aimed at solving cold homicide cases through DNA. Since its inception in 2008, the Cold Case Team has solved nearly 30 cold case murder investigations, dating back as far as 1981, using DNA and a variety of other investigative means.

Crimes Against Children Detail

The Crimes Against Children Detail specializes in the investigation of child sexual and physical abuse cases, child sex rings, child pornography, child exploitation, Internet crimes against children, and other cases involving child victims where special investigative skills and training is needed. During the course of investigating these crimes, detectives routinely rely upon the services of other agencies i.e., Children and Family Services, the Children’s Fund Assessment Center, the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital and the District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Program.

The detail is made up of one sergeant, six detectives, and a Special Program Coordinator. The Special Program Coordinator is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing community and department goals and strategies to effectively mobilize efforts aimed at registered sex offenders and to ensure sex offender compliance. In addition to conducting major child abuse investigations, members of the Crimes Against Children Detail spend nearly 300 hours each year conducting training for other law enforcement personnel on the proper investigative techniques to successfully prosecute crimes against children.

In addition to the Megan’s Law database, in 2010 the Sheriff’s Department began using the Offender Watch database to monitor, track, and access information regarding convicted sex offenders in San Bernardino County. The Offender Watch database is linked to police departments nationwide. Offender Watch is similar to the Megan’s Law database; however, Offender Watch provides information not available in the Megan’s Law database. The database has a section designed for use exclusively by law enforcement and a section for the public. The public can search for sex offenders by name, address, and city or compliance status. They can also register for notification if an offender moves within two miles of their home. Offender Watch is not meant to replace the Megan’s Law database, but is intended to augment the availability of information, ensure public safety, and to create a link between law enforcement and the community.

Polygraph Detail

The Polygraph Detail has been part of the Specialized Investigations Division since 1996. As with the other details within the division, the Polygraph Detail provides support for criminal, administrative, and background investigators within the department. In this role, members of the detail provide an integral and vital element to the successful investigative team concept.

Other law enforcement agencies may/and do avail themselves of the services provided by this detail. The Sheriff’s Department presently contracts with 17 different outside police and fire agencies. Other contracts are currently pending. The acquisition of state-of-the-art computerized polygraph instruments, bilingual examiners and other personnel additions have been recently implemented in a measure to provide better service and product to law enforcement agencies throughout the region.

The function of the polygrapher is to assist an investigator in establishing the truth-telling profile of a job applicant, crime suspect, or the credibility of a witness. Polygraph can assist an investigator by giving direction on the investigation and assist in corroborating evidence and statements that may otherwise be difficult to measure. It is not intended to, nor can it replace, basic investigative techniques or evidence interpretation.

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