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Specialized Enforcement

Greg Loup, Captain

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The Specialized Enforcement Division is comprised of specially trained and highly dedicated sworn and professional personnel who cover a range of specific enforcement areas. These personnel are organized into several teams and task forces to provide enforcement in disciplines requiring training and equipment not available to patrol deputies. The division is called upon for many elevated risk tasks such as S.W.A.T. responses, investigation of suspected explosives, elevated and high risk warrant services, and apprehension of armed fugitives. Employees assigned to the Specialized Enforcement Division work as a cohesive unit to ensure the safety of the communities we serve

Arson/Bomb Detail

The Arson/Bomb Detail investigates all suspicious fires within the sheriff's departments jurisdiction including fire related deaths, insurance fraud, arson for retaliation, and arson to conceal other crimes. The detail is called upon by fire agencies to assist with investigating arson related fires. The detail and its members are accredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in handling explosive devices, military ordinance and unknown suspicious packages. The detail utilizes an explosives trained K-9, "Wolf" to detect a wide array of explosive odors and powders. The detail maintains one of the largest police bomb ranges on the West Coast. The range is used by local bomb squads, as well as others from throughout southern California. The detail also reviews applications for explosive permits, and inspects permitted facilities.

Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

The Sheriff’s SWAT team is a designated unit of law enforcement officers that is selected, specifically trained and equipped to work as a coordinated team to respond to critical incidents including but not limited to, hostage taking, barricaded suspects, snipers, terrorist acts, and other high risk incidents. These incidents are often times so hazardous, complex, or unusual that they exceed the capabilities of first responders or other units.

 The majority of the Specialized Enforcement Division deputies serve on the Departments SWAT Team. SWAT personnel train a minimum of 36 hours a month in a variety of topics including: crisis negotiation, marksmanship, non-lethal weapons, rappelling, airborne operations, and hostage rescue tactics. SWAT team members are rigorously trained in the use of specialized tactics and equipment designed to promote the peaceful resolution of critical incidents. Many of the specialty skills derived from SWAT training are beneficial to members during their daily duties, which frequently bring team members in contact with violent and/or armed suspects.

In 2015, the Specialized Enforcement Division implemented the state’s first P.O.S.T. approved 120-hour Basic SWAT School. Many local, state, and federal agencies send their employees to the Specialized Enforcement Division, to obtain their foundational SWAT training. 

Crime Impact Team
The Specialized Enforcement Division Crime Impact Team is responsible for gathering intelligence, conducting investigations into violent crime offenders, fugitive apprehension, and SWAT responsibilities. The team members are cross-sworn as Deputies with the United States Marshals Service. This allows team members to work closely with other Deputy Marshals in apprehending fugitives across the country. Crime Impact Teams investigate serious crimes throughout the county of San Bernardino. In addition to fugitive apprehension, the Teams assist with the service of elevated and high risk search warrants. Crime Impact Teams utilize specialized tactics and equipment to ensure the greatest chance of a peaceful resolution during high risk arrests and warrant services.

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