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Juvenile Intervention Program (JIP)


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The Juvenile Intervention Program (J.I.P.) was designed to show troubled teens the reality of incarceration. Juveniles have misconceptions about what life in jail is truly like. They see incidents such as police pursuits, gang violence and drive-by shootings and do not realize the consequences of criminal behavior. Today's youth have developed a respect for criminals and the wrong idea that life in the criminal justice system is glamorous. This misconception commonly has been delivered by television, or results from the juvenile having friends and family members who have been through the jail system.

This program is not for all juveniles. It is geared toward those who have begun a negative lifestyle or are on the verge of heading down the wrong path, such as alcohol, drugs, gangs and violence.


The J.I.P. is for parents or guardians who need intervention in their juvenile's life.


Re-direct negative behavior.

Provide partnership with law enforcement, the community and schools.

Increase understanding of the criminal justice system.

Emphasize the legal consequences of violating the law.


J.I.P. was created in 2001 at the request of Community Leaders.

Follow-ups have revealed that many participants became productive members of society.

Since 2004, over 4000 juveniles have participated in J.I.P.

Who Benefits?

Communities benefit as youth understand their role in society and develop positive attitudes along with a sense of responsibility.

Youth are able to avoid the stigma and labels associated with juvenile records.

Court systems benefit through reduced caseloads, increased efficiency, and lower court costs.

Parents obtain law enforcement support.


Juveniles must be between 13-17 years of age.

Juveniles applying for the program must not have been to Juvenile Hall or currently involved in any ongoing criminal proceedings.

The participant must have a parent or legal guardian who is capable and willing to attend.

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