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Legal Counsel


Cynthia O'Neill

Cynthia O'Neill



655 East Third Street
San Bernardino, California 92415

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has two members of the Office of County Counsel assigned as Sheriff's legal counsel.  Legal counsel advises  the Office of the Sheriff and represents the Department in administrative and judicial proceedings. Counsel meets  weekly with the Board of Deputy Chiefs and the Office of the Sheriff to discuss current law enforcement issues, policies, legislation, pending litigation and other matters affecting the Department.

Cynthia O'Neill advises on labor and employment matters, sits on the Department's personnel records retention  and legislative committees, and represents the Department in arbitration, employment litigation, and before the Civil Service Commission.

Algeria Ford and Rick Van Frank from the Office of The County Counsel assist in the employment law assignment by representing the Department in Civil Service Commission hearings and civil litigation.

Steve Singley advises on most non-employment related matters, including issues concerning the detention and corrections bureau, the civil division, court services, coroner division, the administration bureau, responds to various motions and subpoenas, reviews contracts and memoranda of understanding with vendors and other agencies, replies to Public Record Act requests and provides general legal advice to the Department.

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