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Civil Liabilities

Civil Liabilities


Brett Williams, Lieutenant



655 East Third Street
San Bernardino, California 92415

(909) 387-0613

The Civil Liabilities Division consists of one lieutenant, two sergeants, one civil liabilities investigator, one paralegal, one secretary, one clerk and an occupational safety specialist.

The Civil Liabilities Division coordinates with Risk Management, County Counsel and independent law firms in defending the department and its employees in state and federal litigation. The majority of litigation involves officer-involved shootings, traffic accidents, in-custody deaths and significant use of force incidents.

The division also processed over 400 Workers' Compensation claims involving general and safety employees and processed 24 Medical Disability Retirements.

The division also collected $28,568.00 for the appearance of deputies in civil litigation and over $15,425.17 for the production of records and other documents related to civil litigation not involving the department.

Issues handled by the Sheriff's Civil Liabilities Division:

Disability retirement
Civil litigation
Officer involved shootings
Use of force
Unit involved traffic accidents
Public Records Act requests
Workers' Compensation claims
Civil subpoenas for employee appearances
Subpoenas for record

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