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Court Security Information

James Williams, Captain

All persons entering the Courthouse facilities will be required to pass through a weapons screening device and have all hand-carried objects x-rayed. The following items will not be permitted into the San Bernardino Superior Court:

* Any firearms
* Stun guns
* Gun shaped lighters
* Toy or replica guns
* All bullets and ammunition
* Knives or cutting instruments of any kind
* Miscellaneous sharp items including scissors
* Tools of any kind
* Aerosol spray cans including mace or pepper spray
* Butane fuel
* Torch lighters
* Chains over 24 inches in length
* Laser pointers
* Skateboards
* Skates
* Needles/Syringes (non-diabetics or without a prescription)
* Handcuffs
* Handcuffs keys
* Excess clothing beyond what is reasonable for personal use and current weather conditions
* Camera and/or video equipment

Other miscellaneous items that present a safety concern as determined by Sheriff’s Department supervisors for each facility.

Cell Phones
Cell phones with cameras are permitted within the courthouse but cannot be used to photograph, record or broadcast from within the courthouse without prior court approval. All electronic communication devices must be turned off or set for silent notification while inside a courtroom.

Use of a cell phone to photograph or record from within the courthouse without prior court approval will result in your immediate removal from the courtroom and may subject you to a citation for contempt of court or an order imposing monetary sanctions as provided by law pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 1.150 and local court rules.

Courtroom Etiquette

Acceptable court attire is business or casual dress (jeans are allowed). Shorts, tank tops, crop tops and bare feet are not permitted.

Food, beverages, chewing gum and tobacco products of any kind are prohibited within a courtroom.

No unnecessary talking, noise or other distractions will be permitted in the courtroom.

Demonstration of approval or disapproval of any testimony elicited or any statement or transaction which has occurred in the courtroom is prohibited.

Any form of communication with prisoners is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the law. Unauthorized communication with prisoners may subject you to arrest or removal from the courtroom.

Children may be precluded from courtrooms depending upon the subject matter of the preceding and their ability to comply with the prohibition of unreasonable noise.

For additional information regarding locations, hours of operation and specific case information, please visit the San Bernardino Superior Court website at

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