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CCW Application Form

The CCW application can be sent to the department via the “submit” button on the form; this will expedite the application process.

This process will email your application data to the department via your computer’s email. 

Applications must be submitted in person at the time of your interview. Please contact Sheriff’s Employee Resources at (909)387-3750 to schedule an appointment for a CCW interview and to submit your completed application (Please print your application before using the submit button).  The application and the four following forms MUST be submitted at the time of the appointment at the Employee Resources Division. 

Click on the icon below to open the CCW Application form



Town Hall meetings for prospective applicants


Firearms Information for New California Residents


Traveling with Firearms in California

Forms and Publications

Roster of Firearm Safety Devices Certified for Sale


Frequently Asked Questions

  Retired Reserve Annual Firearms Qualification


Click on the icon below to download or print the Retired Reserve Annual Firearms Qualification Form


  • All retired reserves are required to qualify annually with their firearms
  • This form must be provided to the range master for completion and forwarded to Volunteer Forces upon successful qualification
  • The form must be used for all annual qualifications regardless of where the range is located
  • We will only accept qualifications that occur at a Law Enforcement Range
  • Failure to qualify annually will result in the revocation of a CCW endorsed ID Card