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Moabi Regional Park

Kayaking the Colorado River

100 Park Moabi Road
Needles, CA 92363

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Reservations taken at Pirate Cove Resort and Marina

Pirate Cove Resort

Telephone: (760) 326-9000 
Fax:  (760) 903-0074

Email:  reservation@piratecoveresort.com

Hours are seasonal visit Pirate Cove Resort and Marina

Located along the banks of the Colorado River, at the California and Arizona  state lines, Moabi Regional Park is the place for people who enjoy water recreation and beautiful scenery.  A short drive from Lake Havasu, AZ and Laughlin, NV, Moabi  Regional Park is perfectly situated for loads of family fun.

Park Amenities
Peninsula camping on the Colorado River 7-lane boat launch
Interior RV and tent camping
Group camping on the peninsula with waterfront views
Mobile home sites
Picnic Facilities and shelters
Zero depth water play park
Dry Storage
Convenience Store - view website
Beach Boutique - view website
Pirate Cove Grille Restaurant and Bar - view website
For a different type of experience , enjoy the Caribbean flavor of this oasis along a secluded cove just outside Moabi Regional Park.

Jet skiing on the Colorado River Canoeing in Moabi's channel Boating along the Colorado River




  • Trout
  • Catfish
  • Bass
  • Crappie
  • Stripper
  • 7-lane boat launch
  • Slip rental available
  • Jet skis, motor boats, fishing boats water skis allowed on the river
  • Kayak and Canoe rental
  • Inland camping
    • Full/partial hook ups
    • Unlimited tent camping
  • Peninsula camping
    • 24 group camping sites
    • 112 full hook-ups
    • Waterfront views
  • Call 760-326-9000


Other Amenities


Zero depth water play park
Swimming in Colorado River
  •  Open space for field activities
  • Horse shoe pits


Off Highway Vehicle Area (OHV)

Moabi offers over 160 acres of open area riding and more than 4 miles of OHV access trails around the Park.  For Day Use there is a half acre OHV area located at the intersection of Peninsula Road and the main park access road.  The San Bernardino County Regional Parks Department requires a signed OHV Waiver Indemnity form for all off-highway vehicles entering Moabi Regional Park.   Please print and complete the form and have it with you when you enter the park if you plan to use the OHV restricted area.

Legal Requirements on all California Public Land:

  • Under Age 14: Must be supervised by a parent, guardian or authorized adult. Plus, must have in possession an ATV certificate or enrolled in a state-approved course.
  • Age 14-17: Must have in possession an ATV certificate or enrolled in state –approved course or under direct supervision of an adult who does have a certificate.
  • Age 18 and over: Safety certificate required if supervising anyone under 18 without a state approved certificate
  • ALL AGES MUST WEAR A SAFETY HELMET meeting standards by the US Dept. of Transportation.
  • All vehicles must be registered and the green sticker or license plate clearly displayed. (CVC 38020, 4000a, and 38170).
  • All vehicles must be equipped with a U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrester (required at all times) and adequate muffler, in working order. (PRC 4442-Title 14).
  • The speed shall not exceed 15 M.P.H. within 50 ft. of any campground, or campsite. (CVC 38310)
  • Any vehicle operated between sunset and sunrise must display at least one headlight that enables the operator to see clearly 200 ft. ahead and one red tail light visible to 200 ft. (CVC 3835, 38345)
  • This is only a partial list of regulations pertaining to OHV’s. For a complete listing, see California Vehicle Code Section 38000.

Additional OHV Rules for Moabi Regional Park

  • Riding must take place in designated areas only.
  • Push vehicles at all road crossings, including from campsites or mobile home sites to the access trail.
  • All OHV’s must have a permanently attached antenna with a visible flag.
  • One person per vehicle and NO PASSENGERS.
  • OHV area hours are from 7 a.m. - sunset.
  • Three wheel ATC’s are not allowed, nor are larger vehicles; dune buggies or trucks in the OHV area.
  • A signed Waiver Indemnity form must be in your possession. 
  • Do not harass wildlife.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in OHV area.
  • You are responsible for knowing all these regulations. For information regarding a safety training course on ATV/OHV please call 1 800.447.4700.
  • For emergency services please call 911 or inform a Park Ranger while visiting the Park.
  • Ride safely and responsibly and have an enjoyable visit.

Moabi Fees

Camping Reservations



(760) 326-9000  •  (866) 301-3000

Revised - May 2017


DAILY RATES & FEES - Rates Subject to Change Without Notice   


RV CAMPSITES                                                                                                                 
RIVER FRONT - PENINSULA CAMPSITES - RV's Only  (No Tents or Campers Allowed)                       

                Full Hook-Ups                 $70.00 (excluding holidays) 



Campsite Fee Includes One Vehicle Park Entry Fee

All Rates Based on Up To 6 Persons per Campsite

Fee Includes Beach Parking - No Purchase Redemption

Maximum of One 12' X 12' Sun Canopy/Shade Shelter on Site or Beach

Maximum of 8 Persons per Site including Visitors

Maximum of 3 Vehicles Allowed on Each Campsite

(3 Vehicles = RV + Boat or Toy Trailer + Other Vehicle or "Toy")

(Other Vehicle = Auto, Passenger Truck or "Toy")

("Toy" = Motorcycle, Golf Cart, ATV, Quad, Etc.)


LAUNCH RAMP - PLAY AREA CAMPSITES - RV's & Campers Only  (No Tents Allowed)                       


                                Full Hook-Ups (Sites 1-9 & 22-34)                           7                                                              $60.00

                                Full Hook-Ups-30 AMP Only (Sites 10-21)                                                                              $60.00

                                Electric & Water Only (Sites 35-45)                                                                                         $55.00



Campsite Fee Includes One Vehicle Park Entry Fee

All Rates Based on Up To 6 Persons per Campsite

Maximum of One 10' X 10' Sun Canopy/Shade Shelter on Campsite

Maximum of 6 Persons per Site including Visitors

Maximum of 1 RV or Other Vehicle + "Toy" Allowed on Each Campsite

(Other Vehicle = Auto, Passenger Truck or "Toy")

("Toy" = Motorcycle, Golf Cart, ATV, Quad, Etc.)



(Available October - March ONLY)


RIVERFRONT - PENINSULA CAMPSITES                                  $700.00                                                

LAUNCH RAMP - PLAY AREA CAMPSITES                                $600.00                


TENT CAMPSITES - FAMILY CAMPGROUND                                                                                                        

FAMILY CAMPGROUND - Tent Camping Only  (No Campers - No Shelter on Wheels Allowed) $20.00



Campsite Fee Includes One Vehicle Park Entry Fee

All Rates Based on Up To 6 Persons per Campsite

Maximum of One 10' X 10' Sun Canopy/Shade Shelter on Campsite

Maximum of 6 Persons per Site including Visitors


DAILY FEES                                                                         

                Visitor Entry Fee - Vehicle or Motorized Cycle (If Applicable, Includes Vessel/"Toy" Trailer) $15.00

                Does NOT Include Entry Fee for "Toys" in Trailer               

                An Additional Entry Fee Will Be Charged for Each Golf Cart, ATV, Quad, Etc.         

                Note, There Is NO Public Parking Allowed in Launch Ramp Area Or on Any Street             

                Within the Park…Including the Mobile Home Park           

                All Visitor Vehicles & Trailers MUST Park in the Overflow Parking Area Or in the Security               

                Fenced Dry Storage Area…See VEHICLE & TRAILER PARKING Section Below.       


                Vessel Entry Fee                                                                                                                                              $10.00


                Beach Parking Fee   (Per Vessel)                                                                                                                    $20.00



ADDITIONAL FEES                                                                                                                                                           

                Extra Adult or Child                                                                                                                         $3.00

                Pets / Each  (Maximum of 2 Dogs/Pets per Site)                                                                           $2.00

                RV Pump Out Fee                                                                                                                          $25.00

                Use of Dump Station                                                                                                                      $15.00

                Electric fee per night                                                                                                                      $  5.00

                Reservation Fee (Non-Refundable)                                                                                               $10.00

                Cancellation Fee                                                                                                                            $15.00

                Replacement of Lost Entrance or Visitor Permit                                                                            $15.00

                Picnic Pavilions                                                                                                                 

                                Large Pavilion                                                                                                               $100.00

                                Small Pavilion (Pavilions 1 - 7)                                                                                     $25.00


OTHER RENTALS AVAILABLE                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                MONTHLY           WEEKLY                DAILY

                Security Fenced Open Dry Storage Space Rental                                $40.00                   $20.00                   $5.00

                Marina Boat Slip Rental - "B" & "C" Docks                                            $200.00                 $100.00                 $15.00

                (No Water or Electric)

                 "A" Dock  (Includes Water & Electric)                                                   $250.00                 $150.00                 $25.00


                Boat Rentals                                       See Pirate Cove Resort Website www.PirateCoveResort.com


Rates Subject to Change Without Notice

                                                                                                                                                                              RESERVATION & CANCELLATION POLICIES

DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS                                                                                                            

DAILY - A Deposit Equal to the Daily Rate X Number of Nights or Days Reserved + Reservation Fee           

MONTHLY - A Deposit Equal to the Monthly Rate X Number of Months Reserved + Reservation Fee       

CANCELLATION POLICY & FEES                                                                                                 


                Campsites - Daily Rates                                                                                                


                                                31 days or more prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee of $15                                                                                     

                                                30 - 15 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + 50% of First Night Fee                                                          

                                                14 - 1 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + First Night Fee                                 


                                                31 days or more prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee of $15                                                                                     

                                                30 - 15 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + First Night Fee                                                                         

                                                 14 - 1 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + First Three Nights Fee                  

                Campsites - Monthly Rates                                                                                                         

                                                31 days or more prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee of $15                                                                                     

                                                30 - 15 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + 50% of Monthly Fee                                                              

                                                14 - 1 days prior to arrival date - Cancellation Fee + First Months Fee                                            


                Picnic Pavilions                                                                                                                 


                                                30 - 15 days prior to reservation date - Cancellation Fee of $15                                                                                   

                                                14 - 1 days prior to reservation date - Cancellation Fee + 50% of First Day Fee                                     


                                                30 - 15 days prior to reservation date - Cancellation Fee of $15                                                                                   

                                                 14 - 1 days prior to reservation date - Cancellation Fee + First Day Fee                                    



Three night minimum for the following Holidays:

Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day & Thanksgiving

Two night minimum for Easter and Father's Day


EARLY DEPARTURES                                                                                                       


There is no refund for Daily Rate Early Departures.  Monthly Rate Early Departures will be charged a penalty fee in the amount of 50% of the Monthly Rate Fee.                                                                                                    

Rates Subject to Change Without Notice

                                                                                                                                                                                ENTRANCE & GENERAL POLICIES

CHECK IN                                                                            

                Check-In time is 3:00 PM for all overnight guests.                                                                             
CHECK OUT                                                                                                                                                                       

Check-Out time is 11:00 AM for all overnight guests.  If guest does not vacate by the Check-Out time, guest may be charged a penalty of $50.00 per hour.                                                                    


Registered Park Guests and Mobile Home Tenants must make arrangements with the park office for issuance of a pass for expected Visitors.  Please keep in mind there is a limit to the number of persons allowed on an RV or Tent Campsite, Cabin or Travel Trailer, at any time, inclusive of Visitors.                                           

Arrangements for Visitors can be made in person or by calling the park office at (760) 326-9000.  All Visitor passes must be returned to the gate upon your Visitor's departure or penalty charges will be applied. 


VEHICLE & VESSEL/"TOY" TRAILER PARKING                                                                                                                      

                There is no parking on the street or in areas outside Guest's designated campsite.  All Visitors   

and Day Users must park in the overflow parking area or rent space in the security fenced dry storage areas and take the regularly routed Shuttle Bus to your destination.                                           



RV's must be self-contained and RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) approved.  Any RV that presents itself in an unsafe condition will not be allowed entry to the Park.



Proof of vehicle liability insurance and current registration is required at Check-In.


PETS / DOGS                     

There is a limit of two (2) dogs/pets per Campsite.  Aggressive breeds are not allowed in the Park.


QUIET HOURS                  

Quiet Hours are observed from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM - generators, loud noises, loud talking, loud music and/or  television are prohibited during these hours.  Further disruptions capable of disturbing other guests, in any manner, are prohibited at any time.