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Calico Ghost Town Banner

Restaurants at Calico

Calico Ghost Town offers three restaurants for those wishing a quick bite to the full service meal.  Enjoy a wide variety of meal selections then sit back and dine with breathtaking views of the Calico mountains!

Calico House Restaurant

Calico House Restaurant

Calico House is a full-service restaurant  serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Specializing in basic meals enjoyed by the townspeople in the late 1880's Calico House serves up stews, pot pies, shepherd's pie, meatloaf, and the famous Buffalo Burger.   It also offers the finest in home-made barbecue, chicken, salads,desserts and more.  With ample seating in the dining room or out on the back porch with views of the Calico & Odessa Railway, the Calico House Restaurantis great for a lunch or dinner in town; or the place to hold your party or event.

Old Miner's Cafe

Old Miner’s Café  Located at the top of the town, Old Miner's serves hamburgers, a variety of sandwiches, salads, hotdogs, ice cream and more.  We now serve Seattle's Best Coffee!

Lil's Saloon

Lil’s Saloon 
- Remember the cowboys swinging through the doors of a saloon in your favorit
e Western movie?  Lil's Saloon is reminiscent of those days!  Walk up to the bar and order up a sarsaparilla, enjoy a hot dog, pizza, soda or and a variety of snack foods.  Now serving Seattle's Best Coffee.