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Calico OHV Information

OHV Sign

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Calico OHV Trail that runs from our campground to the BLM OHV riding area. BLM & Calico Ghost Town have joined hands in creating an easement for our OHV riders. Come & enjoy our Desert Trails and our Old West Ghost Town.


  1. Safety is always first in all activities.

  2. PACK IN / PACK OUT. Littering of any kind punishable by law.

  3. Please use common sense when shooting. Shooting is not allowed in Calico Regional Park or Odessa Canyon (1st large canyon east of Calico Ghost Town campground). Shooting is allowed in all other parts of the Calico Mountains. It is illegal to shoot across any road or trail or from any vehicle. Shooting at glass or other breakable items that will cause litter is illegal. You must shoot into a solid soft background. Please remove all targets and shooting debris when finished.

  4. OHV riding is allowed but restricted to existing open roads only in the Calico Mountains. Hill climbs, riding in the mud hill areas, and across open desert not on a road is illegal. Green or Red Stickers are required on all Off Highway Vehicles (38010 CVC). Green stickers are valid year round. Red stickers are limited to ride only October through June. You must were a helmet at all times (38505 CVC). No operator of an all-terrain vehicle shall carry a passenger while operating on public lands (38506 CVC). Maximum speed is 35mph on open roads. Maximum speed limit is 15mph in or near any campground unless otherwise posted. (Slower speed limits may be posted.)

  5. It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of alcohol or any drug to drive a vehicle on or off-road (23152a CVC).

  6. No mine is stable or safe. Exploring mines is not recommended and may put you and others into a dangerous and life threatening position. Many vertical shafts exist that you may fall into. Some mines are on private property and exploring these mines is trespassing.

  7. Horses, hikers, and non-motorized vehicles have the right-of-way over all motorized vehicles. Jeeps have the right of way over ATVs and motorcycles.

  8. All campfires must be built inside of a campfire ring. Please keep all campfires to a reasonable size. No burning of objects that create toxic fumes.

  9. Barstow BLM Office, Monday - Friday (760) 252-6000. Emergency - Dial 911