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Special Event Inquiry


Thank you for your interest in hosting an event at one of our San Bernardino County Regional Parks. While most events scheduled at our parks only require a shelter reservation, some might require an Interim Use Permit (IUP). An IUP can take 90-120 days to process. To determine if your event is a normal shelter reservation or an IUP please answer the below questions.

  • Will your event be held more than one day, including set-up and tear-down times?
  • Will you have more than 300 people in attendance?
  • Will you have more than one food vendor/cater? Personal potlucks or barbeques do not qualify.
  • Will your event include more than one (1) inflatable or carnival style activity, including live animals?
  • Will you have a walk/run course through the park?
  • Will you be serving or selling alcohol?
  • Will your event take place outside of normal park operating hours?

If you answered “no” to all of these questions please contact the park you are interested in and speak to staff about a normal shelter reservation, however if you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions your event will require an IUP.

To begin the reservation for an IUP you must complete and submit the Interim Use Permit Application which can be found by clicking the link below. Once the application is returned with payment, if available, we will place a hold on your requested date(s). If the dates are not available we will contact you prior to processing the payment. Based on the information provided in the IUP Application, a quote will be developed and a fee will be established. Once both parties agree on the price and event details we transfer the quote into an IUP which allows you to use the facility.

Please note: For Glen Helen Regional Park, all events at the Park are subject to being usurped by the Glen Helen Amphitheater. While the COUNTY has made every effort to notify the Pavilion operators regarding this Event, the COUNTY will not be liable for expenses or cost associated with the actions of the Amphitheater.COUNTY will make a reasonable effort to reschedule the Event to another time slot if the Amphitheater imposes such action.

Additional information requiring IUP’s

  • Additional portable toilets, light towers, and/or trash receptacles may be required based on the number of attendees and hours of your event.

  • It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain throughout the Event all necessary permits, licenses, and approvals from applicable federal, state and local agencies, including, but not limited to, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (security), San Bernardino County Environmental Health Services (sanitation, food/drink), California Highway Patrol (traffic), Caltrans (freeway access), San Bernardino County Transportation (roadways), and the California Division of Forestry; as required for any use allowed by COUNTY.

  • You will also need to reach out to the city the park resides in to see if a permit from the city is required.

Cucamonga-Guasti Park   City of Ontario Planning Dept.                   909-395-2036

Prado Park                      City of Chino Planning Dept.                      909-334-3263

  • Regional Parks will charge a refundable damage deposit for your event. This amount is determined by use area, number of attendees, and previous experiences with your organization. Permittee will accompany a Regional Parks staff member on a walk through prior to load-in to assess any damage already reported in the use area. A walk through will also take place upon completion of tear-down of the event. Any damage determined to be caused by the event will be deducted from the refundable damage deposit. Examples of reasons your damage deposit can be withheld are including but not limited to, broken sprinklers or underground piping, defacing park property, broken electrical wiring or fuses and/or leaving an abundance of litter on park grounds. If no damage is distinguished Permittee will receive 100% of the refundable damage deposit via check within 4-6 weeks after close of event.

  • The County of San Bernardino requires a Certificate of Liability naming the County as additionally insured. The insurance specifications are attached and below is important items you need to be aware of when obtaining your insurance certificate: 

When completing the required Certificate of Liability naming the County as additionally insured please make sure to include the following sentence in the Description Box, County of San Bernardino its officers, employees, agents, and volunteers are named as additional insured's with respect to liabilities arising out of the performance of services here under (EVENT NAME) on (EVENT DATE) at the following location: PARK ADDRESS

The box indicating the Certificate Holder should indicate San Bernardino County Regional Parks, 777 East Rialto Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0763. Please do not put the park address in this location.

The Certificate of Liability must include the endorsement attachment or it is not valid.

Interim Use Permit Application