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Parks Advisory Commission

The San Bernardino County Regional Parks Advisory Commission was established on May 20, 1969 by a board resolution.  The seven-member commission provides a citizen body responsible to communities and the people of San Bernardino County to recommend policy regarding the development and operation of a well-balanced system of Regional Parks. 

The Regional Parks Commission oversees the establishment and administration of appropriate policies and informs the County Board of Supervisors of activities related to the Regional Parks Department.
Members of the Parks Advisory Committee are:

Scott Ryan , First District
Sam Stavros, Second District

sam Stavros
Louis Gamache, Third District

Michael Kreeger,  Fourth District

Vacant,  Fifth District

Steven Farrell, At Large

Bob Mitchell, At Large

    Commission Agendas Commission Minutes
    March 15, 2017     
    April 12, 2017     
    May 10, 2017     
June 14, 2017  
   July 12, 2017


August 9, 2017      
September 13, 2017   
  October 11, 2017  
November 8, 2017