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Regional Index Maps

CHDH A (Northwest portion of the County)
EHFH A (Southwest portion of the County)
CIDI A (Northwest portion just to the east of CHDH A)
EIFI A (Southwest portion just to the east of EHFH A)
CJDJ A (Northeast portion just to the west of CKDK A)
EJFJ A (Southeast portion just to the west of EKFK A)
CKDK A (Northeast portion of the County)
EKFK A (Southeast portion of the County)

Regional Zoning Maps

Valley Region Zoning Maps
Mountain Region Zoning Maps
Desert Region Zoning Maps


Valley Region

 Bloomington FH29A  Montclair  FH27A
 Chino FH27A  Muscoy  FH22A
 Colton FH30A  Rancho Cucamonga  FH20A, FH21A
 Crafton FH31A, FH32A  Redlands  FH31A
 Del Rosa FH23A  Rialto  FH21A, FH22A, FH29A
 Devore FH21A  San Antonio Heights  FH19A
 Fontana FH28A, FH29A  San Bernardino  FH21A, FH22A
 Grand Terrace FH30A  Upland  FH19A
 Highland FH23A, FH30A, FH32A  Verdemont  FH21A, FH22A
 Loma Linda FH30A, FH31A  Yucaipa  FH32A
 Mentone FH31A, FH32A    

Mountain Region 
 Angles Oaks  FI17A  Holcomb Valley  FH16A, FI09A
 Arrowbear  FH24A  Lake Arrowhead  FH15A, FH23A
 Baldwin Lake  FI10A  Lake Gregory  FH22A
 Barton Flats  FI17A, FI18A  Lytle Creek  FH12A, FH13A, FH20A, FH21A
 Big Bear City (Bear Valley)  FI09A, FI10A, FI17A, FI18A  Mount Baldy  FH11A, FH12A, FH19A
 Big Bear Lake  FI16A. FI17A, FI18A  Oak Glen  FH32A, FI25A
 Blue Jay  FH15A, FH23A  Rim Forest  FH23A
 Cedar Glen  FH15A  Running Springs  FH15A, FH23A, FH24A
 Cedarpines Park  FH14A. FH22A  Silverwood  FH14A
 Crestline  FH22A, FH23A  Sky Forest  FH23A
 Erwin Lake  FI10A, FI18A  Sugarloaf  FI10A, FI18A
 Fawnskin  FI09A  Twin Peaks  FH23A
 Forest Falls  FI25A  Valley of Enchantment  FH22A
 Fredalba  FH23A  West Cajon Valley  FH04A, FH12A
 Green Valley Lake  FH15A, FH16A, FH24A   Wrightwood   FH11A, FH12A 

Desert Region
Adelanto  EH21A, EH28A, EH29A  Ludlow EI23A
Amboy EJ26A  Morongo Valley FI28A, FI29A
Apple Valley EH23A, EH30A, EH31A, FH07A, FH08A  Needles EK03A, EK12A
Baker DI16A  Newberry Springs EI03A, EI04A, EI11A, EI12A
Baldy Mesa FH05A, FH12A  Oak Hills FH05A, FH06A, FH14A
Barstow EH07A, EH08A, EH15A, EH16A, EI01A  Oro Grande EH30A
Cadiz EJ19AEH27A, EJ28A, EJ29A  Parker Dam EKFKA
Cima DJ20A, DJ21A, DJ27A  Phelan    EH27A, EH28A, EH29A, FH03A, FH04A, FH05A, FH06A
Daggett EI09A, EI10A  Pinon Hills FH03A
El Mirage EH19A, EH20A, EH27A  Pioneertown FI20A, FI21A
Essex EJ22A, EJ23A  Red Mountain  DH12A
Flamingo Heights FI21A  Rimrock FI20A
Goffs EJFJA  Silver Lakes  EH13A, EH14A, EH22A
Harvard EI03A  Spring Valley Lake FH06A
Havasu EK20A, EK29A, FK05A  Summit Valley FH14A
Helendale EH22A  Trona CH13A, CH14A, CH21ACH27A
Hesperia FH07A, FH14A, FH15A  Twentynine Palms FI15A, FI16A, FI23A, FI24A, FJ17A, FJ18AFJ19A, FJ25A, FJ26A
Hinkley EH06A, EH08A, EH13A  Victorville EH30AFH06A
Johnson Valley FI04A, FI12A  Vidal FK21A, FK28A, FK29A
Joshua Tree FI15A, FI22A, FI23A, FI30A, FI31A  Vidal Junction  FK20A
Kelso DJ27A  Wonder Valley FJ17A
Kramer DH28A, EH04A  Yermo EI02A
Landers FI13A, FI14A  Yucca Mesa FI21A
Lenwood EH07A, EH08A  Yucca Valley FI20A, FI21A, FI28A, FI29A
Lucerne Valley EH24A, EH32A, EI25A, EI26A, FH08A, FI01A, FI02A, FI03A, FI09A, FI10A  


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