Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Keeping – FAQs

How many horses may I have on my property?

How many chickens (or female poultry) & roosters (or male poultry) may I have on my property?

How many dogs and/or cats may I have on my property?

Manufactured Home – FAQs

Can I locate a mobile home or manufactured home on my property?

While building a new home can I put a temporary mobile home on my property to live in while my house is under construction?

Does my mobile home need a permanent foundation?

How do I obtain a permit to modify a home that is located in a Mobile Home Park? 

Where can a mobile home park be located in San Bernardino County? 

How many mobile homes can I have in a proposed mobile home park?

May I place a single wide trailer on my property?

In what land use districts (zones) may a recreational vehicle park be located?

Can I store my RV on my property?

Zoning – FAQs

What is zoning?

What is my property zoned; how do I find out?

Can I put a billboard on my property?

If I want to establish a business, what land use permits are required, and does San Bernardino County require a business license?

What is a setback; what are the setbacks on my property?

Can I have a second dwelling on my property?

TPM Lot Merger; etc. FAQs

Can I split or subdivide my property?

How can I split or subdivide my parcel?

Can I adjust my property lines?

Can I merge my lots?

What is a Certificate of Subdivision Compliance?

The Certificate of Subdivision Compliance is used to determine whether an existing parcel, created after March 4, 1972, is in compliance with the State Subdivision Map Act. The process may be used when it cannot be verifiably determined that a given parcel is created legally or to determine if it complies with the County Development Code. If it is believed that a parcel was created before March 4, 1972, a similar application can be processed through the County Surveyor Office, (909) 387-8149. For information on a Certificate of Subdivision Compliance, please see: Certificate of Subdivision Application Form.

What are easements? Can I build on an easement?

Project Submittal; FAQs

What is a land use application?

How do I submit a land use application?

Are appointments available?

What do I need to submit with my land use application?

How long does it take to process a conditional use permit, subdivision, etc.?

I just left a message for a planner. When can I expect a return call?

What is the status of my application?

How does the Planning Division approve land use applications?

How much are fees for land use applications?

What other permits might I need to establish my business?