Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Keeping – FAQs

How many horses may I have on my property?

How many chickens (or female poultry) & roosters (or male poultry) may I have on my property?

How many dogs and/or cats may I have on my property?

Manufactured Home – FAQs

Can I locate a mobile home or manufactured home on my property?

While building a new home can I put a temporary mobile home on my property to live in while my house is under construction?

Does my mobile home need a permanent foundation?

How do I obtain a permit to modify a home that is located in a Mobile Home Park? 

Where can a mobile home park be located in San Bernardino County? 

How many mobile homes can I have in a proposed mobile home park?

May I place a single wide trailer on my property?

In what land use districts (zones) may a recreational vehicle park be located?

Can I store my RV on my property?

Zoning – FAQs

What is zoning?

What is my property zoned; how do I find out?

Can I put a billboard on my property?

If I want to establish a business, what land use permits are required, and does San Bernardino County require a business license?

What is a setback; what are the setbacks on my property?

Can I have a second dwelling on my property?

TPM Lot Merger; etc. FAQs

Can I split or subdivide my property?

How can I split or subdivide my parcel?

Can I adjust my property lines?

Can I merge my lots?

What is a Certificate of Subdivision Compliance?

What are easements? Can I build on an easement?

Project Submittal; FAQs

What is a land use application?

How do I submit a land use application?

Are appointments available?

What do I need to submit with my land use application?

How long does it take to process a conditional use permit, subdivision, etc.?

I just left a message for a planner. When can I expect a return call?

What is the status of my application?

How does the Planning Division approve land use applications?

How much are fees for land use applications?

What other permits might I need to establish my business?