Community Plans

The Countywide Plan Public Outreach Efforts Begin!

Learn more about our public outreach efforts and how you can play a part in the development of the Countywide Plan and the Community Plans.

Community Plans Update

In 2016, the County of San Bernardino began the update of the 14 existing Community Plans and the preparation of an additional 13 new Community Plans for a total of 27 Community Plans incorporating over 50 unincorporated communities. Most of the existing Community Plans were approved in 2007, with Oak Hills in 2014. The first community plan workshops began in February 2016 with additional workshops through January 2017. Over 1,700 people participated in the 66 workshops to provide the County with information regarding community values and aspirations and changes they wanted to make in their communities. You may review the workshop information for your community by visiting the project website and clicking on the name of your community. The draft Community Plans will be out for public review this summer on this website.

For information please visit the project website:

The Countywide Plan

The County of San Bernardino has launched an exciting new effort to go further than any county or city has ever gone with a general plan before by creating the Web-Based Countywide Plan. San Bernardino County’s General Plan, last updated in 2007, will go well beyond a traditional general plan to become a comprehensive Countywide Plan that complements and informs the Countywide Vision by taking into account all services—not just land-use planning—provided by County Government, and the unique values and priorities of each unincorporated community. It will serve as a guide for County decision-making, financial planning, and communications.

For information please visit the project website:

Fourteen community plans have been prepared for several areas of the County. Community plans identify land use goals and policies unique to those areas of specific applicability. Thirteen of these plans were adopted on March 13, 2007 and became effective on April 12, 2007. The fourteenth plan (Oak Hills) was adopted and effective on June 18, 2013.

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