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Application Forms

The following is a list of the applications processed by the Land Use Services. Click on the application title to download and follow the instructions on the coversheet of the application for submittal information. Applications may be submitted by mail or in person to either the Hesperia or San Bernardino location.  Please contact the appropriate Land Use section if you have specific questions on these applications.  Please click here to acquire LUS contact information.


ABC Letter of Public Convenience  

Accessory Wind Energy Systems Permit   

Agricultural Preservation/Land Conservation Contract Action 

Annual Mine Questionnaire  


Certificate of Compliance Determination 

Certificate of Subdivision Compliance - Multiple Lot 

Certificate of Land Use Compliance 

Certificate of Subdivision Compliance - After March 4, 1972 

Compatibility Determination 

Condition Compliance Check for Average Cost Applications 

Conditional Use Permit 

Development Code Amendment 

Environmental Review (not associated with land use application) 

Extension of Time 

Food Truck Event Permit 

General Plan Amendment 

General Plan and Development Code Interpretation 

Hillside Grading Review 

Housing Incentives Program 

Landscape Plan Review

Licensing Review

Lot Line Adjustment 

Lot Merger 

Major Variance 

Mining and Land Reclamation Plan  

Mining Revisions 

Mining Transfer of Ownership 

Minor Use Permit 

Minor Variance 

Mitigation Monitoring 

Planned Development  

Pre-Application Conference Flat Fee

Pre-Application Development Review 

Professional Consultation 

Reasonable Accommodation Request 

Revert Subdivided Land to Acreage 

Revision to an Approved Action 

Site Plan Permit 

Site Plan Permit Template 

Specific Plan Site Development Review  

Specific Plan 

Temporary Special Event Permit  

Temporary Use Permit  

Tentative Parcel Map (Minor Subdivision)  

Tentative Tract Map (Subdivision)  

Tree (Plant) Removal 

Unlicensed Residential Care Facility Permit

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Conditional Use Permit  

Wireless Telecommunications Facilties Site Plan Permit   


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