Mining Forms and Procedures

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How to Obtain a Mining Permit/Reclamation Plan


All surface mining operations within the County subject to SMARA must have the following:  the appropriate land use permit, reclamation plan, and financial assurance(s). 


To obtain a mining permit and to acquire details on the approval process please speak to staff within the Mining Section.  The following resources attached here are for your reference:

Mining and Land Reclamation Plan

Mining Revision

Mining Transfer of Ownership

Annual Mine Questionnaire


For information on financial assurances please click here.


The general threshold criteria that triggers SMARA includes, but not limited to, mineral extraction activities occurring after January 1, 1976, prospecting for and extracting minerals for purposes where the removal of overburden, minerals and mining wastes exceed 1,000 cubic yards in any one location and/or the total surface area disturbed is greater than one acre (SMARA §2714(d)).


SMARA allows for a one-time exemption for certain surface mining activities should the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) determines the operation to be of an infrequent nature and involve only minor surface disturbances. It is recognized that not all surface mining activities are a perfect “fit” under SMARA regulations, and that many projects of limited size, duration, economic and environmental impact could be prevented, delayed, or rendered uneconomic if the requirements of SMARA were fully applied.  To address these special situations, SMARA provides SMGB with authority under SMARA §2714(f) to grant exemptions for specific conditions when the proposed activity is of an infrequent nature and involves only minor surface disturbance.  

SMARA Compliance Program

Financial Assurance Requirement

Financial Assurance Cost Estimate (FACE)

Financial Assurance Mechanisms (FAM)

Additional Resources

Office of Mine Reclamation

State Mining and Geology Board

California Geological Survey

Department of Toxic Substance Control

California State Lands Commission

U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Office of Surface Mining

U.S. Forest Service

Bureau of Land Management

U.S. Geological Survey

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