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Land Use Services

The Land Use Services Department is dedicated to ensuring a balance in the areas of housing, business, and recreational needs for the diverse cultures and communities of San Bernardino County.  This is accomplished through comprehensive regional planning and enforcement of building standards, land uses, and environmental impacts.

The Land Use Services Department continues to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to San Bernardino County by providing a framework for orderly growth while maintaining the highest level of public safety.

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The County of San Bernardino is taking a new, innovative approach to planning for the County’s resources and business activities.  Closely guided by the Countywide Vision, the new Countywide Plan will lay a foundation of goals, policies and programs that provide systematic direction for everything the County does. The Plan will integrate many of the County’s administrative functions into a single business-like governance document.

This new era of planning will bring together best practices in governance, planning, outreach and collaboration.   A spirit of partnerships among all sectors will greatly strengthen our collective capacity to achieve the Countywide Vision more efficiently, comprehensively and quickly. The Countywide Plan will be more than just a simple general plan update.

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