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Weeds and grasses must be cut to no more than 4 inches in height throughout the property if less than five vacant/unimproved acres.

Combustible (flammable) debris must be completely removed from all areas of your property. This refers to ANY flammable junk, trash or debris that may be on your property, regardless of how it got there. Debris may include, but is not limited to, any paper trash, cardboard boxes, household trash, fabric/clothing, or piles of flammable yard waste.

Tumbleweeds (Russian Thistle) in the spring and early summer tumbleweeds appear to be healthy, slightly rounded, green bush. Their appearance changes in the heat of the summer from green to brown. Because of their shallow root system, the wind lifts and carries tumbleweeds, creating highly combustible masses of dried vegetation and causing serious concern for fire. Tumbleweeds must be completely removed from your property.

Junk, trash and refuse without regard to value must be completely removed from your property. This refers to any flammable large scale debris on your property regardless of its value. These items include, but are not limited to, household furnishings, carpet, building materials etc. Any items on your property that typically do not belong outside or were not intended for outdoor use must be removed.

Any tires, waste or not, must be removed or stored in an enclosed structure. Any tires on your property that are not currently mounted on a vehicle must be removed from your property or completely contained in an enclosed structure such as garage or storage shed.

Trim eucalyptus windrows from the ground up to 6’ and remove resulting debris. Any stand of three (3) or more eucalyptus trees constitutes a windrow. All foliage must be removed from these trees from the ground up to the 6’ level. Resulting debris must be completely removed from your property

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