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Weeds and grasses
need to be cut to 4” or less, 100 feet around structures and 10 feet from roadsides. This refers to the annual weeds and grasses that grow and dry out each year. Weeds and grasses are a flashy fuel that burn quickly and easily. Flashy fuels are considered ladder fuels which can carry fire into taller fuels around them.

Tree trimmings and brush (in piles) on the ground, branches less than 4” in diameter, and leaves or shrub trimmings must be removed.

Combustible (flammable) debris must be completely removed from all areas of your property. This refers to ANY flammable junk, trash or debris that may be on your property, regardless of how it got there. Debris may include, but is not limited to, any paper trash, cardboard boxes, household trash, fabric/clothing, or piles of flammable yard waste.

Unstacked wood or lumber means accumulations of firewood, lumber, building materials or any similar combustible debris that is not allowed unless neatly stacked and stored as far from any structures as possible. Do not store materials in spaces alongside buildings or beneath decks, eaves, canopies or projections.

Junk, trash and refuse without regard to value must be completely removed from your property. This refers to any flammable large scale debris on your property, regardless of its value. These items include, but are not limited to, household furnishings, carpet, building materials etc. Any items on your property that typically do not belong outside or were not intended for outdoor use must be removed.

Pine needles and pinecones over 2” in depth must be removed from all areas of the property. Up to 2: of needles is allowed to prevent soil erosion.

Clear chimney or stove pipe area of vegetation within 10’. Prune or remove any tree limbs, brush or any other debris that is within 10’ radius of the chimney or stove pipe area.

Remove any foliage from the ground up to 6' on any trees that are 12' or taller. Remove resulting debris from your property completely.

Remove dead trees completely.

Thin dense groups of trees – (which are less than 4” in diameter) to provide a minimum spacing of 10’ from trunk to trunk.

Spark arrestor of 1/2 inch mesh required. You must install a 1/2” spark arrestor on your chimney or stove pipe in order to reduce the chance of sparks escaping.

Provide shrub spacing. Prune and/or remove shrubs to provide separation from ground and each other

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