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Fire Hazard Abatement

Fires are a serious problem in Southern California.  In an effort to reduce the threat of wild fires, the San Bernardino County Fire Hazard  Abatement (FHA) Program enforces the fire hazard requirements outlined in San Bernardino County Code Section 23.0301–23.0319. The primary function of the Fire Hazard Abatement Program is to reduce the risk of fires within communities by pro-actively establishing defensible space and reduction/removal of flammable materials on properties.

Fire Hazard Abatement may be reached at the following numbers: (909) 884-4056 and (760) 995-8140.

The Fire Hazard Abatement Program conducts surveys to identify fire hazards throughout the year. Fire hazards are identified and notices to abate the hazard(s) are mailed to property owners. Property owners are given 30 days to abate the violations. Failure to abate may result in citations, penalties, and/or fees for abatement by the County.  The Fire Hazard Abatement Program responds to complaints year round in the unincorporated areas and contracting Cities and Fire Districts.  The services are as follows:

  • Valley & Desert Regions get two surveys per year during early spring and early fall due to growth cycles of differing types of noxious vegetation.
  • Mountain Regions receive one survey in the summer.

Fire Hazard Abatement is an important component in keeping our communities safe and minimizing the devastating effects of wild fires within our communities.

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