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Weeds and grass - Before
 Weeds and Grass Before
Weeds and grass that are taller than 4” including those around fence lines, roadsides and around structures are a violation.
 Weeds and grass - After
Weeds and Grass After
Annual weeds and grass need to be cut to 4” or less. 10’ from property boundaries and roadsides, 30’ from structures unless otherwise noted for your area.
 Selective Pruning/Thinning - Before
Dead and dying brush and branches mixed In with the live vegetation create a fire hazard
 Selective Pruning/Thinning - After
Remove dead/dying brush and branches mixed in live vegetation.
 Tree Trimmings/Brush on the ground - Before
Brush Ground
Piles of tree trimmings/brush on the ground present a high fire risk and are a violation
 Tree Trimmings/Brush on the ground - After
Brush Ground
Piles of tree trimmings or brush must be completely removed from the property
Combustible (Flammable) Debris - Before
Flammable debris on the property including but not limited to: trash, boxes, bags of yard waste, carpet, furniture, etc. is a violation 
 Combustible (Flammable) Debris - After
Flammable debris must be completely removed from a property and properly disposed of.
 Removal of Dead Trees - Before
Dead Tree
Dead trees present a potential fire hazard as fuel for a canopy fire
 Removal of Dead Trees - After
Dead Tree
Complete removal of dead trees and resulting debris is required