Inspection Schedules

* The route schedules are only a guide. This list is refreshed between 9am and 10am each morning for that day. Inspectors' schedules are subject to change due to cancellations and other circumstances. The exact time of the inspection cannot be determined. However the general time of day (morning or afternoon) can be estimated by the order number of the inspection.

Request an Inspection

Call 909-387-8311 or 760-995-8140 and choose option #2 on the phone tree. The person responsible for the project is required to provide the inspector with access to the permitted work, the approved plans and the job card.

If special knowledge is required to gain access to the work area, please provide such information at time of inspection request.

Effective Immediately: Hard Copy Approved Plans Must Be Kept on Job Site During the Inspection Process


Due to recent concerns related to the clarity and ability to view electronic plans during the inspection process for complex construction projects,

the Building and Safety Division will now require approved building plans to be printed full size (24”x36”) and kept

on the job site at all times during the inspection process. This will provide for greater efficiency in the inspection process.