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Student Information & General Requirements

An internship is a supervised work experience opportunity designed to provide structured learning and hands-on work experience for students whose purpose is to fulfill an academic requirement. It provides valuable insight for students to experience the inner workings of their field of study. It is a requirement of a particular program/degree which must be satisfied before or soon after the program/degree is conferred. An internship requires a commitment from the student of 15 – 20 hours per week for approximately 10 – 12 weeks OR approximately 150 – 200 hours total. And an internship can be specific and project based, or provide opportunities for the student to gain a multifaceted experience. And lastly, an internship can be paid or unpaid depending upon the type of internship.

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Benefits of an Internship

Students are able to:

  • Explore career options related to one’s interests, values, skills, and personality.
  • Gain professional skills and self-confidence.
  • Gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture.
  • Develop related work experience and apply classroom learning.
  • Establish connections and build a network of contacts.
  • Improve job opportunities after graduation by giving students valuable work experience/transferable skills and by developing a network of contacts with potential employers.
  • Satisfy an academic requirement.
  • Acquire skills and experiences to enhance resume.

Who is eligible to participate in an internship?

  • Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate college/university.
  • Students requiring the completion of an internship to satisfy an academic requirement.
  • Students who sign up for an internship course for credit and/or for the opportunity of acquiring experience in a particular field of study.

Getting Started

  1. Consider the skills you want to develop and what’s necessary to satisfy your academic requirements.
  2. Students can contact their school’s Career Development center to learn about opportunities available in the County.
  3. Students may go directly to the County Human Resources, Intern Hub and/or contact County departments directly regarding potential intern opportunities.
  4. Students are encouraged to complete an intern application, which the County will keep on file for up to 90 days for consideration of potential intern opportunities in County departments.
  5. Students should have answers to the following questions when considering an internship: 
    • What does my school require of an internship program? How many hours do I need to satisfy my academic requirement?
    • What does the internship organization require from me as an intern?
    • What organization will provide me with the opportunity to develop these skills?
  6. Students will be required to submit a resume to the department providing the internship opportunity. This process may vary depending on the department and type of internship available.
All internships are designed to provide college/university students a structured and hands-on work experience for the purpose of fulfilling an academic requirement and providing students a training experience in their field of study. Currently, employers are able to draw from a fresh and diverse talent pool that can provide new and innovative ideas.

There are two specific types of internships available:


Paid internships provide students with training, educational benefits, and work experience in the student’s field of study.
  • The County has two paid intern classifications to assist departments that currently do not have a structured internship program. The "Student Intern" and "Graduate Student Intern" classifications were created to accommodate departments that offer paid internships.


Unpaid Internships provide students with training, educational benefits, and work experience in the student’s field of study without receiving any compensation from the County.
  • In order for the County to consider a student for an unpaid internship, the County must have an approved Master Student Internship Agreement with the college or university in which the student attends before the internship can begin.
  • The Master Student Internship Agreement must be approved by the San Bernardino County, Board of Supervisors and the college or university’s appointing authority before any student of the college or university can begin interning.
  • All unpaid County internship programs are designed to ensure compliance with the Department of Labor’s requirements.
    Note: Please check with your school to determine your potential eligibility for internship scholarships, stipends, etc.
  • The internship may be project driven and provide interaction with various leaders within the organization, which may include projects/presentations.
  • The intern has a defined role which provides a strong understanding of the day-to-day operations of the organization and its mission.
  • The intern is able to apply classroom theories to real work situations.
  • The intern supervisor provides honest performance feedback which improves work skills and identifies areas for improvement.
  • The intern supervisor and intern outline specific goals and expectations that are applicable and attainable within the internship period.
  • The intern provides an external perspective into the organization's processes, work environment, and success.
  • The goals and objectives of the internship should be strong enough to provide a marketable experience that can be included on the intern’s résumé.

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