Intern Program Information for County Departments Only

How to Get an Intern

County departments requiring an intern should contact Human Resources (HR) for more information. HR will direct departments to their assigned analyst to answer any questions. The assigned HR Analyst and department will discuss the department’s internship needs, such as:

  • Education requirements
  • Skills, training and other desired qualifications
  • Length of recruitment
  • Paid vs. Unpaid
  • Duties and responsibilities of the intern
  • Length of internship (typical internships are between 10-12 weeks)

The assigned HR Analyst and department will then discuss the department’s recruitment plan, such as:

  • Possible recruitment sources (schools, organizations, etc.)
  • Develop recruitment flyer and other means of advertising
  • Identify department contact and/or training coordinator as needed
  • Identify program mentor(s)
  • Application, resume, and selection process
  • Determine if a master agreement between County and various schools/universities is needed
  • Ethical considerations
  • Background check process
  • Orientation process
  • Mentor responsibilities
  • Intern evaluation process
  • HR starts process to establish a master agreement if necessary
  • Analyst starts recruitment process for department
  • Department reviews applications/resumes for interviews
  • Department conducts intern interviews
  • Department makes offer to intern(s) to include start dates
  • Department conducts background check(s) as appropriate
  • It is recommended that departments send intern(s) to the Center for Employee Health & Wellness (CEHW) for a physical exam
  • Department conducts orientation to include expectations and program policies/procedures
  • Department evaluates performance, as needed, and in accordance with school’s practices and procedures
  • Department conducts exit interview with intern(s) if necessary
  • HR continues to provide guidance throughout the process

Departmental Benefits of Utilizing an Intern

County departments are able to:

  • Draw from a fresh and diverse talent pool that can provide new and innovative ideas.
  • Benefit from project assistance and provide training opportunities for supervisors and managers.
  • Provide an opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s potential for future employment.
  • Improve retention rates: employees who start as interns tend to stay with a company longer than traditional hires.

View the Departmental Guide to the Intern Program

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