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San Bernardino County Probation

The San Bernardino County Probation Department has always represented the very best of law and justice agencies throughout the state. Our diverse mission includes protecting the communities of San Bernardino County from continued criminal activity of supervised offenders, while offering comprehensive evidence-based treatment programs to assist in their rehabilitation. Quite simply, we are a unique criminal justice agency.

The San Bernardino County Probation Department was formed in 1909. The early probation department consisted of only one probation officer supervising juvenile offenders. Under the leadership of Chief Probation Officer Michelle Scray Brown, today's Probation Department is a modern criminal justice agency of about 1,300 employees with a budget of $158.6 million dollars.

Although we actively recruit for various positions, we currently have a number of vacancies for the positions of Probation Officer I, Probation Officer II, Probation Corrections Officer and Probation Corrections Officer Trainee. Probation Officers may be required to provide community-based supervision of adults or juveniles. Officers complete risk and needs assessments to develop suitable re-entry plans and case plans, and provide appropriate referrals to providers for treatment or further rehabilitation efforts. Opportunities for San Bernardino County Probation Officers are vast. We offer several probation officer positions in adult and juvenile programs including, but not limited to, gender-specific services, School Probation Officer assignments, adult sex offender supervision unit, youth aftercare services, gang supervision, and homeless coordinators.

Probation Corrections Officer Trainee and Probation Corrections Officer positions are primarily responsible for the care, custody, and supervision of detained youth. They also perform a variety of youth program functions within and outside the Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers (JDACs). Probation Corrections Officer Trainees are expected to gain experience and demonstrate abilities that lead to the promotion of Probation Corrections Officer.

The San Bernardino County Probation Department operates two Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers and one in-custody, 40-bed youth treatment program. Officers assigned to our Detention Corrections Bureau have a variety of assignment opportunities, including housing supervision units, court and medical liaison, safety and security, transportation services, activities coordinator, and specialized programming (facilitating social awareness programs and activities). Aside from opportunities at the JDACs, Probation Corrections Officers have external assignment options, which include working with the Training Division, assignment to the youth day reporting centers, Gateway treatment program, or the Probation Independent Living Program (ILP) for youth. Additional positions available in the probation department include culinary services, research, Office Assistants, Supervising Office Assistants, Staff Analysts, Accounting Technicians, Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and others, which all play a significant part in moving our agency forward.