Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with Salary Schedules

Many important employment issues of concern to employees are addressed within the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Amendments and Board Agenda Items modifying the original MOU's are also listed.

Access to Personnel Records Electronic Funds Transfer Modified Agency Shop Retirement
Access to Work Locations Employee Rights Non Discrimination Salary Adjustments
Administrative Leave Equity Pools Obligation to Support Salary Rates
Annual Leave Expense Reimbursement Overtime Service Date
Authorized Representatives Extra Help Employment Part Time Employment Sick Leave
Benefit Plan Grievance Procedure Pay Period State Disability Insurance
Bereavement Leave Holiday Leave Payroll Deductions Step Advancements
Bilingual Compensation Hours of Work Physical Fitness Temporary Reassignment
Blood Donations Job Sharing Political Leave Term
Compulsory Leave Labor Management Taskforce Probationary Period Time and Labor Report, TLR
County Identification Cards Layoff Promotions Tool Allowance
County Management Rights Leave Without Pay Recruitment and Referral Bonus Tuition Reimbursement
Definitions Meal Periods Recurrent Employment Uniforms
Demotions Medical Emergency Leave Reemployment Use of County Resources
Differentials Membership Dues Relocation Assistance Vacation Leave
Disability Leave Merit Advancements, Pay Raise Renegotiation Voluntary Time Off
Dual Appointments Military Leave Rest Periods, Breaks Work Disruption
MOU Amendments/Salary Schedules/Additional Items
Attorney MOU (2016 - 2021)

Amendment 1 (03/03/09): Retirement Incentive Program

(10-02-2018): Modified Benefit Option - Side Letter Agreement

(10-02-2018): Tuition Loan Repayment Program

(10-02-2018): Payroll Deductions

(10-02-2018): Union Membership           

General MOU (2015 - 2019)

General MOU - Modified Benefit Option Eligible Classifications          

(09-13-2016): Modified Agency Shop Side Letter

(01-10-2017): Appendix E - Teamsters Per Diem LVN             

(05-02-2017): Side Letter Teamsters - Equity Supv Lab Tech

(06-13-2017): Appendix F - Respiratory Care Practitioners   

(06-13-2017): Side Letter Teamsters - Surg and Sterile Techs

(08-22-2017): Appendix G - Medical Imaging

(08-22-2017): Side Letter - Agreement Detention Differential           

(03-20-2018): Public Works Differential 

(05-01-2018): Side Letter - Supervisory Nurse Reorg

(05-01-2018): Side Letter - Modified Benefit Option 

(05-01-2018): Nurses Supervisory & Mgmt Unit - Salary Tables     

(08-21-2018): Appendix H - Per Diem    

In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Provider Unit MOU (2013 - 2014)
Nurses Unit and Per Diem Nurses Unit MOU (2018 - 2021)            
Preschool Services Department MOU (2018 - 2020)  
Probation MOU (2016 - 2019)

Professional Unit MOU (2016 - 2019)


(11-15-2016):SEIU - Side Letter Lab Techs Equity             

(05-02-2017):SEIU - Side Letter Lab Tech

(06-13-2017): SEIU - Side Letter 

(07-10-2018): MBO Side Letter

(11-06-2018): SEIU Caseload Expectations           

Safety MOU (2016 - 2019)

(04-03-2018): SEBA Safety Unit Side Letter Agreement                              

Safety Management and Supervisory MOU (2016 - 2019) (04-03-2018): SEBA Safety Mgmt and Supervisory Unit Side Letter Agreement          
Specialized Peace Officer Unit & Specialized Peace Officer - Supervisory Unit MOU (2016 - 2019)   (05-23-2017): SPO-SPOS Side Letter           

Exempt Compensation Plan

Plan Additional Items
Exempt Employee Compensation Ordinance  (Title 1, Division 3, Chapter 6)

(03/03/09): Retirement Incentive and VTO

(12/07/10): Leave Provisions

(05/03/11): Benefit Plan Contribution/Retirement Pickup/Step Advancements

(01/23/18): Exempt Salary Table Effective 7.22.17

(01/23/18): Exempt Salary Table Effective 7.21.18

(01/23/18): Exempt Salary Table Effective 7.20.19

(01/23/18): Exempt Salary Table Effective 7.18.20

(01/23/18): Adopted Ordinance with Classification Listing            

Other Jurisdictions

Special Districts
Exempt Compensation Plan (2018)
Non-Represented Employee Compensation Plan (2018)
Water and Sanitation IBEW MOU (2017 - 2020)

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