Retirement Medical Trust (RMT) Plan

This plan is designed to help you pay for certain eligible expenses, such as medical, dental and long-term care premiums, on a tax-free basis. For more information, contact your department payroll specialist or the Employee Benefits and Services Division. You can also consult the RMT Plan Document and the Retirement Medical Trust Agreement.


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How the Plan Works


The Retirement Medical Trust (RMT) Plan provides a method for eligible plan participants to pay, on a non-taxable basis, for qualified expenses including medical, dental, and long term care premiums (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 213) that are otherwise reimbursed by insurance.


The Trust Plan is not a voluntary benefit. Those employees who satisfy the definition of an eligible employee must have the cash value of their unused accumulated sick leave, if any, contributed to the Trust. For specific information on participation eligibility, cash conversion formulas of unused sick leave accruals, and County contributions, refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Exempt Compensation Plan, Employment Contract, or Salary Ordinance.

Employees retiring from the County with a disability retirement may be eligible to contribute a cash value of their unused sick leave balances to the trust, so refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Exempt Compensation Plan,  or Employment Contract for eligibility requirements.


The Trust is funded by County contributions and/or the eligible cash value of the participant's sick leave upon separation from service. All funds contributed to the Trust are maintained in individual accounts administered by Voya exclusively for the benefit of the participant or the participant's eligible dependent(s).


Upon separation of service and reaching the Normal Retirement Age, the account balance is available for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses on a non-taxable basis. Upon the death of an eligible individual, the surviving spouse shall become the beneficiary entitled to the rights and benefits under the plan.

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