The Workplace Possibilities Program (WPP)

The Workplace Possibilities Program (WPP) provides for a Workplace Possibilities Consultant a professional case manager who is affiliated with The Standard to assist employees who may be in pain, taking medical leave or having difficulties at work that could be related to a disability. The programs key objectives include:

  • Removing barriers to employees’ comfort, safety and ability to perform their job effectively
  • Assessing work stations and implementing accommodations to ensure employees perform their jobs productively and safely
  • Assisting employees in resuming job duties after a disability
  • Promoting open communication among all parties, including the employee, supervisor, human resources, medical providers and others

This program is completely voluntary and is subject to approval by The Standard and your Human Resources Officer.


This video describes the Workplace Possibilities Program with the Standard.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Covered by The Standard
  • Have a medical condition
  • Receiving treatment for medical condition
  • Voluntary
  • Not Occupational

Stay At Work

The Stay At Work portion of Work Place Possibilities is intended to assist employees with barriers to staying at work.  The assistance from The Standard could include an ergonomic assessment, purchase of equipment or other accommodations that would assist the employee in completing their essential job functions.  This program requires a referral from the assigned Human Resources Officer.  The forms below are required by The Standard to get the Stay At Work referral started. 

Stay At Work Referral Form

Stay At Work Medical Form

Workplace Possibilities Program Authorization

Return To Work

The Return To Work portion of Work Place Possibilities is intended to assist employees in their transition back to work.  This could be assistance with ergonomic assessment, equipment, accommodations such as modified duty.  Typically, these cases are reviewed by The Standard and referred to the Human Resources Officer for participation in the program.

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