Long-Term Disability Plan

How the Plan Works

Payments begin after 180 days of disability. Benefits are paid according to the following schedule:

Age When Disability Benefits Become Payable Maximum Duration of Benefits
59 or younger To age 65
Ages 60 – 64 5 years
Ages 65 – 67 To age 70
Age 68 and over 2 years

Benefit payments may NOT be fully or partially integrated with other paid time. For further information contact EBSD at 1.909.387.5787.

To File a Claim

Call MetLife, the County's disability provider, at 1.877.638.8269, or file a claim online at https://mybenefits.metlife.com.

Any claims filed prior to July 18, 2020 will remain with and be paid by Standard Insurance Company until the last date of disability. For questions regarding your claim, The Standard can be reached at 1.844.239.3560 or online at www.Standard.com.

For More Information

For more information about the Long-Term Disability program, review the Long-Term Disability Plan document

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