$4/Day Start-Up Incentive

The County partners with IE Commuter to offer County employees the Start-Up Incentive.


Are you new to ridesharing? If so, you can earn $4 for every day you rideshare for your first three calendar months of participation!
  • Sign up at IE Commuter to submit your tracking and incentive application electronically, or return a paper claim form to HR-Commuter Services.*
  • Available to new rideshare participants who track a minimum of 5 qualifying rideshare days per month for three consecutive months.
  • The start-up incentive is offered only for the first three calendar months of ridesharing, so you may want to start ridesharing on the first of the month to maximize your incentive.
  • The incentive is distributed approximately 120 days after your program participation start date. 
  • IE Commuter provides $2 per day in the form of a gift card; the County will provide an additional $2 per day added directly to your pay warrant**.
  • Trip logs may be audited for accuracy.

*We are working on making the trip logs submitted in SBtrip for the County Employee Rideshare Program compatible with IE Commuter's reporting requirements. Until this is completed, you will need to log in both SBtrip and IE Commuter (or complete the paper claim form) to maximize your rideshare incentives.

**Pursuant to IRC 74 & IRC 3121(a)(20), the value of an award or prize given by an employer to an employee is considered taxable wages and may be subject to Federal Income tax. 

Additional IE Commuter Incentives

Rideshare Plus

If you have been ridesharing more than three months, you may be eligible for IE Commuter's Rideshare Plus incentive when you continue to log trips in your IE Commuter Commute Diary.

Rideshare Plus members have online access to special offers at more than 135,000 merchants locally and nationwide, powered by Entertainment ®, the premier provider of promotions and discounts.

Rideshare Spotlight

Sign up and log your trips for a chance to win a monthly prize valued at up to $100.

  • Log 8 or more eligible roundtrip rideshare trips in your IE Commuter Commute Diary each month.
  • Each trip counts as a sweepstakes entry, with each additional trip logged giving you even more chances to win.
  • Winners have the chance to tell their commute story to inspire others (optional).

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